Black Forest Dive Site

Black Forest Dive Site is located at Balicasag Island, Bohol, Philippines. It is 10 km from Belleview Rock Resort, approximately 27min by pump boat or outrigger boat. GPS coordinates entry point is N.09º30.890-E.123º41.336 and exit point is N.09º30.779-E.123º41.182 Baring from Alona Beach 251º.

photo by dachalan

The dive site is a steep slope dive which is too deep for snorkeling. This is an easy dive site for PADI Open Water Divers or higher with a visibility of (+) at 15-30M, a depth of 8-40m and current at 1-3. The dive is most interesting at 15m and not so much below 40m. The dive site is not affected by dynamite fishing.

photo by dachalan

Start the dive with shallow part right shoulder, going south. You will see many coral heads in the shallow part and a forest of Black coral (antipathes) at 35-45m. Normally the dive starts against the current. Stay low over the sandy bottom and after 20min., the current will change so you can drift dive the second part. This is the best dive site in the Bohol Triangle and has a rating of 5/5.

photo by glenmaclarty

During the dive, one will encounter all kinds of Anthias, Rockcods Groupers (serraidae family), Scorpion fishes (scorpaenidae family), Squirrel fishes (holocentridae family), Parrotfish (scaridae family), Wrasse (labridae family), Damsel fishes (pomacentridae family), Anemone fishes (amphiprioninae subfamily), and Trigger fishes which are aggressive in the months of May, June and July.

photo by glenmaclarty

Top of Black Forest Dive

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