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List of Birds at Rajah Sikatuna National Park

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The Rajah Sikatuna National Park or presently known as the Rajah Sikatuna Protected Landscape occupies a total land area of 9,023 hectares of land; 6,300 made up of forests, natural and man-made. It is home to various species of birds; all of which were spotted in the premises by bird watchers and recorded. In fact, a birder’s logbook is available at the park’s headquarters which is a handy guide for beginners and for visitors.

The park’s thick woodland, aside from dense flora and fauna, is an ideal habitat not only for the birds but also of butterflies, bats, monkeys and others. Wildlife is undisturbed and roams freely in the park. Among others, the following birds have been seen in Rajah Sikatuna National Park. The pictures, however, were taken from the internet just to give you an idea of how each bird looks. A few were taken directly at Rajah Sikatuna National Park by foreign birders, though.

Amethyst Brown Dove-Phapitreron amethystinus
Photographer: © Cornejo/Walker/Hampson/Bennett/Clements - Polillo Project

Arctic Warbler -Phylloscopus borealis
Photographer: © Tim Edelste

Asian Glossy Starling- Aplonis panayensis
Photographer: © Jonathan Cheah Weng Kwong

Asian Koel- Eudynamys scolopaceus
Photographer: © John McConnell

Azure-breasted Pitta- Pitta steerii coelestis
Photographer : © Leif Jonasson

Balicassiao- Dicrurus balicassius
Photographer: © Wouter Thijs

Barred Rail- Gallirallus torquatus
Photographer: © Romy Ocon

Besra- ¬Accipiter virgatus
Photographer: © Arun P Singh
Bicolored Flowerpecker- Dicaeum bicolour
Photographer: © Rob Hutchinson

Blue Fantail- Rhipidura superciliaris samarensis
Photographer: © Jon Hornbuckle

Blue-throated Bee-eater- Merops viridis
Photographer: © Jonathan Cheah Weng Kwong

Black-chinned fruit-dove- Ptilinopus leclancheri
Photographer: © Tim Carney

Black-faced Coucal- Centropus melanops
Photographer: © Desmond Allen

Black-naped Fruit Dove-Ptilinopus melanospilus
Photographer: © Neville Kemp

Black-naped Monarch -Hypothymis azurea
Photographer: © Cornejo/Walker/Hampson/Bennett/Clements - Polillo Project

Black-naped Oriole -Oriolus chinensis
Photographer: © Mike Gillam

Black-crowned babbler -Stachyris nigrocapita
Photographer: © Desmond Allen

Blue-crowned Racquet-tail -Prioniturus discurus
Photographer: © Benedict De Laender

Blue-naped Parrot- Tanygnathus lucionensis
Photographer: © Suppalak Klabdee

Brahminy Kite -Haliastur Indus
Photographer: © Ghulam Rasool Mughal

Brown Shrike- Lanius cristatus
Photographer: © Mike Gillam

Brown-Tit Babbler -Macronous striaticeps
Photographer: © Jon Hornbuckle

Brush Cuckoo -Cacomantis sepulcralis
Photographer: © Manjeet Singh

Buzzing Flowerpecker- Dicaeum hypoleucum
Photographer: © Desmond Allen

Cinnamon Bittern- Ixobrychus cinnamomeus
Photographer: © Anand Arya

Colasisi- Loriculus philippensis
Photographer: © Desmond Allen

Coleto- Sarcops calvus
Photographer: © Leif Jonasson

Collared Kingfisher- Todiramphus chloris
Photographer: © Sumit K Sen

Cryptic Flycatcher- Ficedula crypta
Photographer: © Jon Hornbuckle

Drongo cuckoo- Surniculus lugubris
Photographer: © Mervin Quah

Emerald Dove- Chalcophaps indica
Photographer: © Thilanka Ranathunge

Everett´s white-eye- Zosterops everetti
Photographer: © Andy Pierce

Grass Owl- Tyto capensi
Photographer: © Natalia Paklina and Chris van Orden

Great eared nightjar- Eurostopodus macrotis
Photographer: © Wouter Thijs

Green Imperial Pigeon- Ducula aenea
Photographer: © Peter Ericsson

Greater Flameback- Chrysocolaptes lucidus
Photographer: © Mike Gillam

Grey-hooded Sunbird- Aethopyga primigenia
Photographer: © Leif Gabrielsen/www.aves.no

Grey-streaked Flycatcher- Muscicapa griseisticta
Photographer: © Michelle and Peter Wong

Indian Silverbill-Lonchura malabarica
Photographer: © Niraj Vijaykumar Mistry

Large-billed Crow -Corvus macrorhynchos
Photographer: © N Shiva Kumar

Little Spiderhunter- Arachnothera longirostra
Photographer: © Mark Chua

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