Talibon Cathedral
Most Holy Trinity Church

Most Holy Trinity Cathedral is located at Poblacion, Talibon, Bohol. It can be found just in front of Talibon’s own municipal hall.

talibon cathedral bohol

talibon cathedral bohol

Talibon Cathedral, much like any cathedral in Bohol, was built from stone. Blocks of coral rock were hauled by the inhabitants from the sea to be used in the construction. The church was built on an elevated plain overlooking the sea.

The outside of the Talibon Cathedral looks like a very old constructed building. The inside was already redecorated that fits according to the modern style. The style is very simple but elegant. The Holy Trinity, carved according to the size of a man, is placed at the center of the altar. The ceiling is decorated with paintings of heavenly beings.

talibon cathedral bohol

talibon cathedral bohol

talibon cathedral bohol

talibon cathedral bohol

The Talibon Cathedral’s belfry is located just in front of the cathedral.

History of Talibon Cathedral

Christianization of Talibon started long before the arrival of Miguel Lopez de Legazpi in 1565. This was gleaned from the archival researches of Rev. Fr. Jose Maria S. Luengo, Ph.D., priest historian and founder of Mater Dei College of Tubigon, Bohol.

After Magellan’s death on April 27, 1521 in the hands of Lapulapu, the Spaniards suffered another terrible defeat that made them finally flee Cebu. That very night of horror of May 1, 1521, amidst a sumptuous Dandansoy banquet tendered as ploy, 27 Spanish commanders and crew of the galleons Trinidad, Concepcion, and Victoria were killed. It was a bitter cry of vengeance for the rude conduct of Magellan’s men who ignominiously raped the 50 virgins of Cebu.

talibon cathedral bohol

talibon cathedral bohol

Fleeing for a dear life, the Trinidad’s crew sailed towards the direction of Getafe-Talibon. By divine plan some of the crew disembarked and mingled with the natives. The took native wives and started to teach the rudiments of Christianity in the place. They also dedicated the place to the Santisima Trinidad in honor of the patron of their fateful ship.

Hence, the survivors of that Cebu massacre who sought refuge in Talibon became the first lay missionaries to Bohol. Fr. Luengo called them the Trinidad Christian of Talibon who evangelized the natives through the priesthood of the laity.

These facts were proven when in 1596 which marked the advent of the excellent Jesuit missionaries and educators through the concessions of Fr. Pedro Chirino, S.J., the Provincial Superior of the Jesuits in the Philippines, sent Fr. Juan de Torres, S.J. and Fr. Gabriel Sanchez, S.J. to officially commence the spiritual activities of western Bohol, particularly Loboc and Baclayon. From there, Fr. de Torres proceeded to the mountains called “Las Minas de Talibon” where many people from all parts of the island converged for the gold and wash.

talibon cathedral bohol
Blessed Sacrament Chapel

Upon his arrival, Fr. de Torres was very much welcomed by the Spaniards and the first Christians of Bohol catechized by the Spanish lay missionaries, the escapees of the May 1, 1521 Cebu massacre. Fr. de Torres was surprised and happy to discover that right in the mountain ranges and slopes of Talibon, where the Boholano Christians lived and prayed together, a church was built by the natives themselves.

Therefore, the church of Talibon by chronology, organization and operation became the cradle of Christianity in Bohol. Over two centuries passed, Talibon as a parish was created under the patronage of the Most Holy Trinity. Fr. Ramon de Santa Ana became the first Parish Priest.

In 1852 the construction of the permanent Talibon Cathedral started. As was the practice during the Spanish regime, forced labor was employed. Talibon Cathedral was completed in 1899. The convent was constructed in that year, too.

talibon cathedral bohol

talibon cathedral bohol

talibon cathedral bohol

talibon cathedral bohol

talibon cathedral bohol

talibon cathedral bohol

Top of Talibon Cathedral - Most Holy Trinity

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The Talibon Foundation Day – Why April 22?

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Talibon Guide

About Talibon Bohol

The Town of Talibon is a beautiful municipality on the northern coast of the island of Bohol in the Philippines, about 115 kilometers from Tagbilaran City.

The name Talibon is said to come from the word ‘talibong’ which means bolo or spear, an instrument used in gold mining. There is no actual record to show how the name came about but per the records of the travels of Jesuit missionary, Fr. Juan de Torres, he went to the gold mines of Talibong. It shows that the community already had its name even before the first arrival of the first Spanish missionary. Later the letter g was dropped and the name Talibon prevailed.

Things to Do

Night Kayaking in Talibon I just discovered an amazing natural wonder in Bohol. We went kayaking on the island of Jau, Talibon, Bohol. At night when it is very dark and there is no moon, any movement in the water disturbs the plankton causing it to glow.

Talibon Accommodations

Water Gate Tourist Inn is a relatively new hospitality business geared towards providing comfortable lodgings to transient travelers and a function destination for up and going Talibonons.

Berachah inland resort is a newly opened resort in Bohol, situated at Brgy. Santo Niño,Talibon. This resort is located in a mountainous area that's why it offers a one of a kind relaxation.

Talibon Attractions

Talibon CathedralMost Holy Trinity Cathedral is located at Poblacion, Talibon, Bohol. It can be found just in front of Talibon’s own municipal hall.

Check out some of our awespiring Talibon Sunsets taken by our very own intrepid photographer.

The Danajon Bank or Double Barrier Reef, located off northern Bohol Island, is the only double barrier reef in the Philippines and is 1 of only 3 such sites in the Indo-Pacific. The reef is spread across almost 130 kms and consists of 3 large reefs.

Talibon Sunsets Check out the beautiful sunsets in Talibon Bohol Philippines.

Talibon Fishpens Photos Fishing is a major industry in Talibon. Some local folks are also into seaweed farming.

Talibon Ancestral Houses This is a small gallery of ancestral houses in Talibon.

Talibon News & Events

115th Independence Daycelebrated by the Talibongnons last June 12, 2013.

Green sea turtle found dead in the area of the Danajon Double Barrier Reef in the seawaters of Talibon.

The 183rd Feast of the Blessed TrinityMay 24-25, 2013. It is not the feast of a saint…nor just of anybody…..but the feast of the Triune God: God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit, three (3) Divine Persons in one God!

27 couples wedded for free in Talibon, Bohol last February 11, 2013.

The 15th Diocesan Biblical Congress started with a parade participated in by various vicariates of the Diocese last September 15, 2012.

Vegetable planting at the Municipal Green House grounds last July 2, 2012 in observation of the Nutrition Month.

Talibon Foundation Day 2012 After 14 long years of research and diligent efforts to establish the Foundation Day of the Municipality of Talibon…..finally, the town celebrated its First Ever Foundation Day on April 22, 2012.

The Talibon Foundation Day – Why April 22?Research on the creation of Talibon, a municipality of Bohol in the Philippine Archipelago, actually started sometime in 1998 when the Sangguniang Bayan of Talibon requested for documents from the National Archives that could help ascertain the exact date of the creation of Talibon.

The 178th annual town fiesta of Talibon May 30-31, 2008. The Diocese of Talibon, led by Bishop, Msgr. Christian Vicente F. Noel, with the able leadership of the Parish Priest, Msgr. Ignacio H. Reyes, joined forces with the Local Government of Talibon, led by Municipal Mayor Juanario Item, to create a festivity worthy of the Most Triune God.

The feast of the Blessed Trinity or “Holy Trinity” is celebrated on the Sunday following Pentecost (the 50th day after Easter), a movable feast, so the curia of Talibon set it on the last day of May to facilitate the schedules of the “Balikbayans” who come home to celebrate the event.

Bohol Feast of the Blessed Trinity The love for the Blessed Trinity is deeply ingrained in the hearts of the Boholanos, who are deeply religious. This religiosity is expressed through feasts, both in the religious and social sphere, and is observed with much fanfare.

The Making of the Parish of Saint Augustine in Talibon Yes, a great Bohol event! An event of a lifetime! Who of you have attended a canonical erection of a church? In a lifetime, it is seldom that one can attend such an event for churches in Bohol have been established into parishes centuries ago with only a few chapels turned into parishes since then. Who would have imagined that one would be erected in my own neighborhood?

Talibon Projects/Updates

The new Talibon Health Center was blessed with 3 other projects.

The Zamora Bridge was formally blessed and opened with a ribbon cutting ceremony on September 2, 2012. Now, barangays Magsaysay, Sikatuna and Zamora, can easily transport their agricultural products to the Poblacion market.

A 2nd Incentive Pay-out to farmers was done on August 22, 2012 by Municipal Mayor Restituto B. Auxtero under the “Bisag Saging Basta Loving Project”.

Tilapia and Carp fingerlings released at the Zamora Dam on July 26, 2012 by Mayor Restituto B. Auxtero while assisted by his Executive Assistant, Mr. Apolinario E. Artiaga.

The 1st GO HEAT TALIBON CARAVAN was launched last July 13, 2012, visiting the 1st island on its list: NOCNOCAN.

Talibon Tilapia Culture Project made partial harvest of 450 kilos net on June 1, 2012 which sold at a total of P26,000.00.

Patubig sa Barangay Kahimsog sa Panimalay Project was launched last November 4, 2011 where jetmatic pumps and pipes were provided to recipients.

Asenso Sa Baroto Project will surely alleviate the living conditions of the indigent fishermen in 19 coastal and island barangays and will allow visitors and tourists to rent paddleboats for eco-tours and island hopping.

Bisag Saging Basta Loving was implemented to improved productivity of banana plantations, higher quality banana fruits, better marketing and packaging to help local farmers.

Talibon Awards Received

The “Nutrition Honor Maintenance Award” plaque of recognition was handed over to Talibon officials present at the awarding rites during the 8th Regional Nutrition Action Officers’ Congress and 2012 Grand Nutrition Awards Night.

Getting There

Cebu - Talibon Ferry Route Schedule Departure: Cebu - Talibon, Bohol Daily 8:00PM; Talibon, Bohol - Cebu Daily 8:00AM

The port of Talibon is located on the northern coast of Bohol, about 114.8 kilometers from Tagbilaran City via the north road, 149.55 kilometers via the east road, and 108.83 kilometers via the interior road. The port serves travelers that hail from Cebu City as well as from its 8 island barangays and vice versa.

Talibon Seaport is being serviced by V.G. Shipping Lines with a Talibon-Cebu City route and vice versa. It also plays host to countless outrigger boats coming from the 8 barangays namely: Busalian, Calituban, Cataban, Guindacpan, Mahanay, Nocnocan, Sag and Suba. Outrigger boats coming from neighboring towns of Getafe, Trinidad and Bien Unido also dock at the pier.

Talibon Bancas PhotosA gallery of the typical double-outrigger customized canoes in the Philippines. Some have inboard engines, while some of the smaller ones use sail. These are multi purpose sea vehicles.

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