Carmen Tourist Attractions

The municipality of Carmen does not only boast of the world renowned Chocolate Hills. It has still other attractions worth mentioning such as the Catholic Church, the Fatima Hill, springs and caves. The rice fields beneath the hills are picturesque enough especially when viewed atop the viewing deck on the highest hill in Carmen town.

Chocolate Hills

The famed Chocolate Hills of Bohol is not only two but more than 1,268 cone-shaped hills – a very strange geological formation that has baffled a lot of geologists. The hills are spread over an area of 50 square kilometers or more and vary in size from 30 meters to 120 meters in height.

The hills appear to be seemingly endless when viewed atop the hill in Carmen town. The viewing deck there gives you a 360° view of the hills “as far as the eyes can see”. It is more majestic when viewed from a plane – them appearing to be thousands of mole hills dotting out from verdant surroundings.

Church of St. Anthony Abad

The Church of St. Anthony Abad may not be as old as that of Baclayon and Loboc yet it is still old as it was built way back in the 1800’s. Made largely of stone blocks, the church is sturdy and massive. It is often the destination of tourists who are on pilgrimage and visit all the churches of Bohol. In front of the church is a wide and well-kept plaza planted with acacia trees that looks centuries-old and other tropical trees and shrubs. Flowering plants and other decorative plants line the pathways that winds throughout the park.

Fatima Rosary Hill

The Fatima Rosary Hill is called such because of the tall image of the Virgin of Fatima perched on the hill’s peak. Images of three children kneeling and looking up to the Image of Fatima are near the base of the Virgin. The three children stand for Lucia, Francisco and Jacinta – the three kids who the Blessed Virgin appeared to in Portugal, Spain.

The hill is located in Barangay Buenavista, just along the national road, and has now become a pilgrimage site and likewise a tourist attraction. Every May 15th, in memory of the first day when the Blessed Virgin appeared to the children in the year 1917, the area is full of pilgrims who come to ask for favors from God and give thanks for favors granted thru her intercession. At the peak one will see a panoramic vista of the Chocolate Hills and the surrounding rolling terrain.

Cabasi Spring

The Cabasi Spring lies in the municipality of Carmen about 54 kilometers from Tagbilaran City. From the town of Batuan, it is only a few kilometers away before one reaches the Poblacion of Carmen. The cool spring water of Cabasi is situated inside a cave which is a favorite nook of the locals who come to cool off and enjoy swimming in its depths.

The Home

The Home, as the locals call it, is the refuge of orphaned, abandoned, neglected and maltreated children of broken homes. The house where these children are billeted lies on an 11 hectare property in Barangay Katipunan,which is 1 ½ kilometers from the town proper. This charitable institution is a project of the Catholic Women’s League, diocesan chapter.

Lasang-Lasang Park

“Lasang”, in the Visayan language means “forest” and so this exotic mini-forest in Carmen town is called by the locals as “Lasang-Lasang” Park. It is home to a variety of tropical plants, trees and wild animals who are allowed to roam freely and thrive naturally. A spring gushes forth out of a pile of rocks which unceasingly supplies water and irrigate the lowland areas.

Kokok & Nueva Vida Sur Caves

The Kokok & Nueva Vida Sur Caves are situated 59 kilometers from Tagbilaran City, a bit further out from the town proper. Exploring the caves is exhilarating, not just because of the adventure but because of the beauty of its giant chambers and fascinating rock formation called stalactites and stalagmites. As most caves in Bohol, pools of spring water are inside the caves, quite refreshing to those who do not fear to swim in their depths.


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