Ral_M Bohol Churches

by Ral Mananghaya

The large number of old churches in Bohol is one of the most attractive heritage character of the island. Almost all of the 47 towns of the Bohol Province have old, massive, stone churches with frescoes, carvings and other products of Spanish presence.

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The first missionaries in Bohol were the Jesuits. When the Jesuits were expelled from the Philippines in 1768, the Augustinians and the Recollects took over. The Jesuits established parishes as early as 1595.

Churches are the first points of destination for tourists imbued with a deep religious faith. But churches are not merely places of worship or of pilgrimage.

They are significant depositories of art, especially of painting, sculpture and music. They are living museums, rich in artifacts that are mementos of a faith that has blossomed through the ages.

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