Ral_M Bohol Houses

by Ral Mananghaya
(Manila Philippines)

Bohol Ancestral Houses are numerous in the province. Some are dilapidated and have been abandoned yet others were lovingly preserved by the descendants of the prominent homeowners. See Bahandi

Bohol Ancestral Houses | items are from between 20 Mar 2006 & 15 Jul 2007.

from Bohol Ancestral Houses

Dating back to the 20th century of the Spanish Regime, said to be the 'golden age' of Bohol, these vintage houses were huge and largely made up of coral stone and hardwood.

Design is simple, square or rectangular in shape, with thatched roofing, wide windows all around and usually with two floors.

Bohol Ancestral HousesLiving quarters were on the upper floor while the ground floor was usually used as bodegas or stock rooms. Click to Read More

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