7TH day of sept., at exactly 4:00 am , bsfed students gathered at the bisu ccc as their meeting place before they depart for their zoology tour in the paradise of BOHOL :0.6:55 AM when they arrived in BILAR for their firSt destination , the "BUTTERFLY DOME" ! AWESOME , BUTTERFLIES in diff.species was found ..! there are those half male and half female butterflies ..havent tried to see one of those ..? Y not visit BILAR,BOHOL ..?
WE go back in BATUAN,BOHOL to visit the most , over , over unique house built ever .. the "BATUAN SHIPHAUS" .. WA pa ka kasakay ug barko ..? adto na lang sa BATUAN .. MUra na pud kag nakasakai ug barko .. dagdag consuelo pa .. just imagine .., gicover ni sa RATED K ..!
NExt in line is the SAGBAYAN PEAK .. this is just beside CARMEN,BOHOL in w/c CHOCOLATE HILLS found .. YOull enjoy watching the OVER view for sure ..! good for children ,,! go to CHILDRENS PARK ..! If you feel stress and need some rest and pleasure , its fresh air can help ..! so as with its pool .. want to see butterflies ,,? naa pod ..! tarsier ..? naa japon ..!for only 30 pesos ,, ..! sulit .. :)
LOON MARCAQUES ..! want to see wild monkeys .? surely captivating ..! just imagin how monkey behave in front of many people even wild sila ..! d jud manghilabot ..! cute pa ..! try to visit ..!
MAGpapahuli ba naman ang shoppingan ..? F you have your SM ., ROBBINSONS . . OR WHATSOeverv pa ..! BOHOL COULD also Offer malls for your needs ... we have our ISLAND CITY MALL ..! SHOP ..! SHOP ..! SHOP ..!
WE had our field study after wards at CASA NOVA GARDEN,PANGLAO,BOHOL ..! WE had a lot of fun there in planting corals .. :) hahah .. we really did contributed for the improvement and conservation of our natural resources :) of course ..! sai gamit sa kursong .. " BACHELOR OF SCIENCE IN FISHERY EDUCATION" .. OOOOOOOOOOhhhhhhhhhhh .... haaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhh .. ! mawawala ba naman ang picture2 underwater ..? aheheh .. atar ...! AFter the almost two or three hours nga galob2 sa dagat for the coral planting ,, we go back to our rooms for the .. ahemm .. ligo2 na pod xa pool ..! sa pa ba ..! ahahah .. :)ui ..! foreingers ..! infiernes .. wa ra gud pud mi gtagad ..! ahaha .. poor students .. gsnob xa kano ..! WE had our dinner there .. with MR.DEXTER PILOTON who cooked the HUMBA .. Ahahhaha .. ate marissa .. assisted by YOURS TRUELY ... ahemm .. ahaha ... beberly .. CRISTEL And many others cooked for the UTAN :) ..AHAHHA .. kalooy sa ginoo alas 8:00 na mi nNGULI :) CHAAAAAAAAARRRRRRRRR ..! uber ..! HERE is some of our pictures belowwwwwwwww :) TRY TO LOOK AT ..

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