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The municipality of Dimiao, especially its church and municipal hall, lies alongside the C.P.G. circumferential road on the southern coast of the island about 36.7 kilometers east of Tagbilaran City.

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Dimiao's San Nicholas Church is one of the oldest stone churches of Bohol identified by its two twin bell towers at both sides of the church’s front façade. Way in front of the church building is a tower with the image of the Sacred Heart of Jesus where the “hugos” is done during dawn rites of Easter Sunday.

St. Nicholas is also the town’s patron saint whose feast day is celebrated on every 10th of September. Across the church and across the circumferential road lies the town’s municipal hall which looks elegant with its white painted walls and red roof; a typical Spanish-designed building with prominent arched windows.

Fronting the Sacred Heart tower is a monument dedicated to the Philippines’ national hero, Dr. Jose P. Rizal whose statue stands on top of a stone pillar. The monument leads to the municipal hall although facing its side rather than the front view of the building.

Dimiao is considered a 5th class municipality in the province of Bohol occupying a land area of 7,713 hectares. Established in 1780, the towns of Lila and Valencia were once part of the municipality and were separated from it due to increase in population. Lila was made an independent municipality on January 1, 1915.

Population is of 14,187 people according to the 2007 census; a far cry from its recorded population of 8,820 in 1897. It is politically subdivided into 35 barangays, to wit: Abihid, Alemania, Baguhan, Bakilid, Balbalan, Banban, Bauhugan, Bilisan, Cabagakian, Cabanbanan, Cadap-agan, Cambacol, Cambayaon, Canhayupon, Canlambong, Casingan, Catugasan, Datag, Guindaguitan, Guingoyuran, Ile, Lapsaon, Limokon Ilaod, Limokon Ilaya, Luyo, Malijao, Oac, Pagsa, Pangihawan, Sawang, Puangyuta, Tangohay, Taongon Cabatuan, Tawid Bitaog and Taongon Can-andam.

The people of Dimiao lives on farming, tuba gathering, rope making and fishing since it is located along the coast. Rice, corn, maguey, copra, rope and tuba are their most important products.

Situated along the coast, the town of Dimiao boasts of beaches with fine white sand. At Barangay Luyo is the well-loved Imelda Beach. On clear and sunny days, the Camiguin Island with the silhouette of Mt. Hibok-Hibok rising towards the clouds can be seen.

To know more about Dimiao Attractions and their own stories... Aside from the Imelda Beach Resort, the townsfolk boast of their century old church and convent and other attractions: the Soldier’s Cap and the Imelda Ruins at Barangay Sawang. The barangay of Tangohay are proud of their sanctuary and beautiful St. Joseph Chapel.

Another Dimiao's Beach resort, the Kayla’a Beach Resort, is now ready to serve local and foreign tourists. The resort is located at Barangay Balbalan and situated on a wide stretch of fine white sand beach. With a swimming pool, restaurant and several cottages, guests are assured of an enjoyable stay.

The town has schools scattered throughout the barangays yet those located at the town proper are the Banban Elementary School, the Dimiao National High School and a private one, the St. Nicholas Academy. 90% of the inhabitants are literate and most speaks English and Filipino.

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