Attractions in Garcia Hernandez of Bohol

The town of Garcia Hernandez has its share of God’s special providence – natural and man-made. The town is blessed with caves having underground streams, waterfalls, and springs, aside from the verdant rolling hills and mountains. The local government unit of the town now seeks the enhancement of these God-given attractions in consonance with province-wide tourism pursuits.

Garcia Hernandez Roman Catholic Church

The Garcia Hernandez Church is a heritage site, built in 1880 and completed in 1896. The present church replaced an earlier church built in the year 1857. The parish was established in 1858 and dedicated to St. John the Baptist whose feast day is celebrated on June 24th.

bohol garcia-hernandez churches

Typical of churches built during the Spanish Regime, the Garcia Hernandez church has a separate belfry standing at its side. The inside of the church has a high curved ceiling supported by several pillars. Windows have stained glass on them especially the one in front, facing the street.

Lady of All Nations Shrine

The Lady of All Nations Shrine or “Señora Sa Tanang Nasud” is located at Cogon, West Ulbujan, Garcia-Hernandez town of the province of Bohol, Philippines. The shrine was built through the efforts of the members of the Couples for Christ of Garcia Hernandez.

An additional landmark at the site is the Col. Generoso Sarmiento-Conception Atup Lamdagan Memorial Cottage which was constructed to be a shelter and rest area for visitors. The tiled cottage comes complete with sala-veranda, bedroom and kitchen with lavabo and stove.

President Manuel A. Roxas Campsite

The President Manuel A. Roxas Campsite is located at Sitio Maambong, Barangay Calma, Garcia Hernandez about 3 kilometers from the town center. It is about 53 kilometers from the City of Tagbilaran which is only an hour ride away. The park is replete with Mahogany trees and an open space ideal for an encampment. Adjacent to the park are two swimming pools fed by an underground spring with cottages; ideal for small gatherings and picnics.

The Seventh Heaven Caves

The Seventh Heaven Caves can be found on top of a hill at Sitio Maambong, Barangay Calma, Garcia Hernandez. In fact, it is part of the Maambong Park now known as the President Manuel A. Roxas Campsite. The road leading to the caves have been improved and a viewing deck now stands on top of this hill which commands a panoramic view of the town and the surrounding coutryside.

Tambuko Cave

The Tambuko Cave with its underground stream and lagoon in Barangay Cagwang is another site worthy to visit where one can go and have a picnic or have a dip and swim in the cool waters of the lagoon.

River Trekking

River Trekking and tour is also offered by the local government unit to visitors who love to view the dense and lush riverbanks of the town. The river tour starts from the Anito Hanging Bridge in Barangay Tabuan up to the Tambuko Cave. The tour may also include other sites such as waterfalls, springs and/or beaches plus trekking.

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