Ubay Church

ubay church

Ubay was under the jurisdiction of Talibon both ecclesiastically and civilly for many decades until it became an independent municipality in 1840 and a parish in 1877.

Followers of Dagohoy were resettled in the town as early as 1810.

Although Redondo (1886, 182) describes the Ubay church as provisional and made of wood, it was rebuilt soon after by Fray Buenaventura Marrodan (1891-97); he was assisted greatly by the Reyes family who donated one of the bells dated 1872, and inscribed with the name Toribio Reyes, who was the first gobernadorcillo of Ubay.

ubay church

The present church is of new construction. While parts of the apse, narthex and entrances to the transept belong to a 1920’s church, the rest were rebuilt when a typhoon damaged the church in 1968.