Prony - the famous Bohol Python

UPDATE: Prony, the python was eventually transferred to the Municipality of Baclayon and died later on. For historical and educational purposes, the article below will not be deleted from the website.

Alburquerque is a 5th class municipality in the province of Bohol, Philippines. According to the 2000 census, it has a population of 8,715 people in 1,670 households.
The town's short name is "Albur". Alburquerque is reputed to have one of the longest (23 feet or 7 meters as of 2005) and heaviest (300 kg or 660 lbs) python in captivity. The python named Prony is Albur's star and has known to the people as "Live Anaconda of Bohol."

bohol python

Just a few hundred meters is a Python sanctum which is 5 years old in existence with a length of approximately 23 feet and an estimated weight of about 300 kg. The biggest python in captivity ever known. Named after its captor, Prony, it loves to eat during feeding time. The winding barangay road leading to the sanctuary and the majestic sights along the course keeps one feel the prime of nature.

bohol python

The Animal Kingdom Federation, Inc. (AKFI), a SEC registered, non-profit and non-stock animal welfare organization registered with the Animal Welfare Division of the Bureau of Animal Industry recently vowed to build an animal sanctuary here. The AKFI made this commitment after hearing reports on the 23-foot long python locally called baksan, owned by Sofronio Salibay in Barangay Sta. Filomena, has been fed with stray dogs.

bohol python

Prony the python has caught the attention of many local and foreign tourists, not only for its size but particularly on how it has been fed. It even caught the attention of GMA 7 who sent a crew to document the procedure. Feeding is done during full moon. Alarmed by the reports, AKFI requested Mayor Efren Tungol to stop Salibay from feeding the python with dogs since it is a clear violation of Republic Act No. 8485, otherwise known as the Animal Welfare Act. The Mayor agreed.

bohol python

However, in order to preserve the python, which has become a tourist attraction, AKFI, represented by its Director Charles Wartenberg, sealed a memorandum of support and cooperation with the municipality creating the site as an animal sanctuary. The memorandum, aside from manifesting full implementation of RA 8485, also reiterates the improvement of the cage based on animal welfare standards and introduction of alternative feeding.

bohol python

Creating an animal sanctuary would make Albur the only Animal Welfare Friendly Municipality in the country. AKFI is also associated with the International Wildlife Coalition Trust (IWCT), an internationally recognized organization founded in the United States dedicated to the protection of global wildlife and natural habitat protection.

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