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Anda Beach

Bohol’s Boracay

frolicking Anda beach Bohol

Anda Beach, with its long stretch of powdery white sand beach fringe with coconut palm trees, crystal clear blue waters, and a seabed of powdery white sand with no rock formations or marine flora whatsoever for miles on end, can even surpass that of Boracay’s White Beach.

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Anda Bohol beach cottages

Yes, the sand there is very white and fine that when you hold a handful up, the wind easily blows it away. Walking on it feels like you are walking on a carpet! It feels so soft beneath your feet and between your toes. You cannot even find corals or shells such as what you will find at White Beach in Panglao.

Anda Bohol beach cottages and flags

Like the Chocolate Hills, Bohol’s greatest wonder, Anda Beach also is blessed and a wonder in itself. How come that a long stretch of pure white powdery sand is gathered in one place? It seems the Gods sifted the sand and only allowed the powder to settle in this heavenly place.

Anda Bohol beach and rubber container

And do you know what? The place is very clean! Although a long stretch is a public domain with some portions privately owned, you will not find any trash thrown around. You will only find seaweeds that are washed ashore, and I don’t know how that came about when there are no seaweeds under the waters.

Banca in Anda Bohol

Anda also is a peaceful municipality. Their market is not crowded even on a Sunday. Peace and tranquility abounds specially on the beach area. Hope the municipality of Anda maintains this atmosphere and preserves the grandeur of the place. No crowds. No noise. No trash. No “grand” buildings along the shore. Truly a tropical paradise!

mother and child in Anda beach

This particular stretch of paradise is located in the Poblacion of Anda. The church and municipal buildings are situated a bit inland and an open space of land, (or is it the plaza?) leads to the public beach. The area looks so orderly. No shanties whatsoever nor thatched huts to obstruct the view. You will only see tall swinging coconut palm trees along the seashore.

Walking along Anda beach

Far away, on your left hand side when facing the sea, you will see the end of the mountain range of Anda, a dark green stretch protecting the cove where the Anda Beach is located. On a clear and sunny day, the silhouette of the island of Camiguin can be seen. On the right side is a stretch of white sand beach then cliffs.

A few minutes walk along the shore, towards your right-hand side, you will find a privately owned beach resort where you can avail of facilities such as open-thatched cottages, a covered yet open-sided pavilion for bigger functions, and a canteen for sundry items, drinks, candies, etc.

The resort has a videoke system, where one has to drop a five peso coin in order for the machine to play your chosen song. Beach volleyball paraphernalia is also available.

Collecting along Anda beach
Anda beach in Bohol
Anda Bohol beach and mountains

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