Punta Cruz

Punta Cruz, as the locals call it, is a triangular-shaped watchtower located in Punta Cruz, Maribojoc. It is a town 14 kilometers away from Tagbilaran City. Barangay Punta Cruz is about 6-7 kilometers away from the town proper of Maribojoc.

The watchtower overlooks the sea south of Bohol. A staircase leads to the top and looking out from its windows, one can see the neighboring islands of Cebu, Siquijor, and Mindanao. It offers an excellent view of the Bohol channel and the island of Cebu.

From Maribojoc proper going to Loon one passes a junction at the right side of the road with a road sign leading to the tower. A small dirt road winds down towards a ridge where the tower is located. A few steps down from the ridge one reaches a stony shoreline. Locals bathe here but it is not safe because of the stone formations.

The tower’s structure was planned to be an abridged pyramid with three sides. It was built above the ground by about a meter. A flight of stairs leads you to the second story of the tower where wide portions of the walls are open and serves as windows.

Built of stone and patterned after a Spanish fortress, the tower was assembled overlooking the scenic Maribojoc Bay. It is centuries old and looks black and covered in moss. Going up the stairs gives you the creeps. It is damp, cold, and very dark. But once up on the look-out windows, one is treated to a magnificent view of the Bay and the neighboring islands.

Being a historic monument, people, from far and wide, come to visit and take some pictures. The tower is way off from houses and stores so a small stall was built near it selling refreshments to visitors. The surrounding grounds usually play host to picnics.

Punta Cruz watchtower was erected in the year 1796 by the Spaniards and was dedicated to SaintVincent Ferrer, Maribojoc’s patron saint. It served as a spying point, since Muslim invaders used to attack the town at that time.

A wooden cross is planted in a slightly indented area in front of the tower. According to a legend, the cross saved many people from pirates through an enchanted spell. As it was facing the sea, it was said to be extending its arms to the sea, thus preventing marauders.

How to Get There

From the Dao Terminal at Tagbilaran City, one can take a bus or v-hire that is bound for Tubigon. All vehicles going to Tubigon will pass along Punta Cruz and at around 7 kilometers from Maribojoc town proper, at the right-hand side, one can drop-off at the junction leading to the watchtower. The tower is around 500 meters from the junction. No rides are available from the junction, so visitors have to walk. Private vehicles can go right up to the tower, though. The entrance fee to the tower is around three to five pesos.

About the Place

Initially, PUNTA CRUZ refers to the wooden cross planted by the natives at the edge of a cliff. The cross symbolizes acceptance of Christianity from our pagan forefathers. “Punta” refers to the cliff and “Cruz” refers to the wooden cross that stands on it. Now, when people mention “Punta Cruz”, what comes to mind is the watchtower.

Because of the presence of the cross and the watchtower, the barangay where it stands is called Barangay Punta Cruz, which is one of the 22 barangays of Maribojoc town. The town is located at the southwestern coast of Bohol and is 14.3 kilometers from Tagbilaran City.

The town’s name probably came from a pine-like tree locally known as Maribohoc whose leaves look like hairs. The tree is otherwise known as “aguho”. The original name of the community then was ‘Dungguan’ meaning, a place of anchorage. It was declared a parish in 1767, and became a regular municipality on October 15, 1860.

The town is proud of its watchtower, the wooden cross, the scenic Maribojoc Bay, its mountain ranges, and its own friendly people.

Top of Punta Cruz