Candijay Church

Candijay church
Candijay is a 4th class municipality in the province of Bohol, Philippines. According to the 2000 census, it has a population of 30,389 people in 5,420 households.

Candijay church
The municipality of Candijay was established in 1879 and so was its establishment as a parish. The people were eventually converted to the Roman Catholic religion by the Spaniards. Slowly and through the years, the people adopted themselves to the Catholic faith where most of their activities revolved around their church. The parochial church of Candijay is advocated to Saint Joseph and celebrates with much fanfare its feast day every 19th of May.

Candijay church

Candijay has a vast array of natural resources. Some have been tapped for tourism pursuits yet others still remain unheard of to those outside the municipality. One is the Can-umantad Falls which is not even listed in the Bohol list of attractions and the more accessible Canawa Spring, in barangay Canawa.

Candijay church

Another is the Tunigongan Rice Terraces and the Candijay Mangrove Forests in Panadtaran. The community-based Panadtaran Mangrove Association (PAMAS), which seeks to preserve Panadtaran’s mangroves and other natural resources in the area and promote them for eco-tourism pursuits, has now established the Candijay Mangrove Adventure Tour.

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