Cebu - Tubigon Ferry

cebu Tubigon ferry

Island Shipping Corporation
Cebu City Branch
15-2 V. Sotto Street, corner McArthur Blvd., Cebu City
Telephone: (032) 422-6329, (032) 460-5608, (032) 435-2078
Fax: (032) 422-6330

Route Schedule Departure
Cebu - Tubigon, Bohol Daily 5:00AM
Cebu - Tubigon, Bohol Daily 8:30AM
Cebu - Tubigon, Bohol Daily 4:00PM
Cebu - Tubigon, Bohol Daily 6:00PM
Tubigon, Bohol - Cebu Daily 9:00AM
Tubigon, Bohol - Cebu Daily 3:00PM
Tubigon, Bohol - Cebu Daily 8:00PM
Tubigon, Bohol - Cebu Daily 10:30PM
Note: All schedules are subject to change without prior notice.

cebu Tubigon ferry
One of the islands seen from the ferry boat.

cebu Tubigon ferry
Arriving in Cebu, the pretty marine police building.

cebu Tubigon ferry
Busy Cebu Port

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