Bilar Church

Bilar church
Bilar Church was built in 1831 and is one of the many old churches of Bohol.

Bilar church
Man-made mahogany forests and a national park are located in Bilar, while unspoiled jungles and forests are home to rare fauna and flora. Loboc River offers the opportunity to dine and enjoy the views of a nipa-lined emerald green river, which is part fresh water and part ocean/salt water.

Bilar church
Mangrove forests, waterfalls, numerous caves, and coral reefs dot the island and provide more riches. Historical landmark churches dating to the 15th century are still being used for wor-ship. The Chocolate Hills, all 1,000+ perfectly cone-shaped hills, are considered one of Philippines’ natural wonders and covers an area of about 18 square miles. They are called the “Chocolate Hills” because in the dry season the hilly grass turns brown

Bilar church

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