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Bohol-Philippines.com is the contribution to Bohol travel by the brother and sister tandem of Elmer Anthony Olaer and Ellen Marie O. Buno.

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Born of two full blooded Boholanons, our Dad hails from the Olaer clan of Guindulman while Mom is a Hormachuelos from Mahayag, we truly love Bohol and try to convey that enthusiam into our website.

Bohol is very much still a developing tourism destination. The international airport is being built and soon a lot of international hotels and resorts will be coming to this island.

What started out as a hobby is now a fledging business enterprise. Today the company is

A1 Online Communication and Advertising Services

San Agustin, Talibon, Bohol, Philippines
Tel. +63 9183731999
Website: www.Bohol-Philippines.com
Email: Ellen [at] bohol-philippines.com

This is a very young website and will continue to grow thanks to the help of many people, government and institutional groups. We need your feedback. Please feel free to tell us what types of information you would like to have available.

Elmer is the the director and webmaster of Bohol-Philippines.com Currently based in Macau, he is able to supervise the site thanks to Site Build It system.

Ellen Marie O. Buno is the General Manager of A1 Online. She does most of the research and writing about Bohol and the islands' attractions. She lives in Talibon with her husband Edgar and their six kids. Again, thanks to the SiteBuildIt system, she can supervise the site right at home, from the beach or even in the mangroves. :-) Really, have WIFI will SBI.

At the Bohol Mangroves: Ellen with kids Nelly and Totong



Bohol-Philippines.com attracts a lot traffic from the Philippines and international readers. We receive over 15,000 visitors and 50,000 pages read in January 2009 alone. This traffic is expected to increase exponentially this year.

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