Ancient Stock Piling

by Sherwin N. Taroy
(Antipolo City)

that is ancient stock piling with the use of machinery thousands of years ago before man develope writing..

According to ancient aliens visited the earth thousands of years ago..the limes stones were not shaped but stock piled..

if their is to be uplift beneath the plains it should have contoured the land beneath it. as we can see that the underlying base are geometrically flat throughout the entire region.. if it is a sudden uplift from beneath such formation shall produce a conical layering and a central conduit should form at the center of each mound..

Trees don't grow on it.. prehaps their is something in it which has not been fully investigate under the microscope..

Another answer is the mound are made from the same material while the entire plain has a different density.

Then if this is true is for a fact made by strange beings not from this earth,

this is similar to South America Peru Nasca Lines and Band of hundreds holes which were dug up and can be seen as a band on an airplane..

It is my beleif that further highly scientific method should be taken into account rather pure geological coincidences which we know for a fact nature just can not produce geometrically in shape even for thousands of years..

another question how old is it with respect to the plane region..

I hope to share my insights ...

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