Anda Bohol Climate and Terrain

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Anda’s topography consists of mountain ranges with variable valleys gradually diminishing their height until reaching the flatlands characteristic of the town proper. The lands along the coast are above sea level with beaches slowly going down to the level of the sea. These areas are largely inhabited and are ideal for residential and commercial purposes. Typically, elevation ranges from 0-500 meters above sea level.

The town of Anda has three (3) rock formations namely: the Sierra Bullones, the Jagna Andesite and the Quaternary Aluminum. The first is characterized by massive, cavernous, fossiliferous limestone with sinkholes and channels developed where springs have originated. This rock formation is dominant in the hinterland barangays.

The second formation is the Jagna Andesite which is characterized by Posphysitic Andesite where saline intrusion is present. This is common near the coast, especially in the barangays of Talisay and Linawan, where springs have low yield and dries up during the summer months.

The third rock formation is generally mud silt, sand and gravel along coastal area, flood plains and inner reaches of river system including raised coral reefs. This type of rock formation can be found in the Poblacion, Bacong, Virgen and Candabong.

There are two types of soil found along the plains namely: Batuan Faraon complex and mountain soil which is undifferentiated yet generally of the upland soil type. PH ranges from 5.5 to 6.5. Batuan-Faraon complex is a combination of the Batuan soil and Faraon clay. Level areas are of Batuan clay type while those on the hills are of Faraon clay.

Batuan soil characteristically has low drainage due to solid rocks beneath the soil while Faraon clay is characterized by a shallow surface soil with little or no sub soil. The clay is soft when wet and slightly hard when dry.

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Mountain soil occupies 1,150 hectares of land and is highly susceptible to erosion by reason of its relief so its use must be limited and restricted. Possibly fruit trees or permanent crops should be planted to this type of soil.

Manganese deposits are found in barangay Katipunan, although its quality and volume cannot be quantified. Guano, an organic material which is good as a fertilizer, can be found inside caves located at barangay Badiang, Talisay, Lundag and Tanod.

With regards to marine resources, there are coral formations in the coastal barangays of Badiang, Linawan and Talisay going to the southern parts of the town. Swamps and mangroves occupies an area of 338 hectares and are found in barangays Badiang, Linawan, Talisay, Suba and some portion of Poblacion. Fish sanctuaries are being developed along the coastal areas of barangay Linawan.

The waters of Anda are rich in marine life. There is a high potential for fish production especially of bangus fries or fingerlings, and sea shells abound. Anda is a source of bangus fries of fishponds in neighboring municipalities.

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Anda Bohol Climate and Terrain