Anda Bohol Attractions

White Sandy Beaches

The white sandy beaches of Anda surpass even that of Boracay’s white beach. The sand is pure white and very fine although the length of the beach is much shorter than that of Boracay. Yet Anda’s beaches are unspoiled and very, very clean. No trash and with only natural wastes are washed ashore such as coconuts, kelp, pieces of wood, sea grasses and countless of shells.

And by far, it is not overcrowded! Well known beaches are Bas Daku, Bugnaw CE, Kabangnowm, Kinale Beach and Candabong Beach.

Dive Sites

Dive sites abound along the coast of barangays Candabong, Virgen, Bacong and the Poblacion. The dive sites are easily accessible and reward the divers with a whole specter of rich marine life with largely untouched reefs, spectacular drop-offs, caves, grottoes, and magnificent coral gardens - a haven for underwater photographers.


photo by marinegirl

One can encounter innumerable nudibranches, shrimps, gobies, crabs and multitudes of tuna and mackerel. There have been recorded sightings of sea turtles, napoleon and whale sharks.

These dive sites are for beginners and pros alike with currents running from medium to medium-high and with good to very good visibility. Water temperature is usually between 25 to 30 degrees centigrade the whole year round so diving can be done any time of the year although the best season is from November to May. From the shoreline, the sites are more or less within two to 30 minutes by boat.


photo by nurpu

Burial Caves

There are several primitive burial caves in the town of Anda. These burial caves can be found in Candabong, Bacong, Virgen, Casica, Talisay and Tawid. Most of them are situated on the sides of cliffs and are very difficult to enter and may require ladders and ropes to enable one to access them. Unfortunately, some of these gravesites have been ransacked by grave robbers and the coffins and other items sold to antique dealers.

Rugged Terrain/Cliffs

The Anda coastline is interspersed with rugged cliffs. Some portions were hollowed out by centuries of battering by sea waves and hang a few meters over the beaches and serve as a shelter from the midday sun. The cliffs are impossible to climb due to sharp edges yet mangroves thrive on it with their roots clinging on the sides and pushing thru holes until they reach the ground. Most of Anda’s resorts have built small native huts on top of these ledges which are excellent spots to relax and relish the sea breeze and have a command view of the crystal blue sea of Guindulman Bay and the neighboring island of Camiguin.

Shrine of “Inday Potenciana”

Potenciana “Inday” Saranza, known by many as Inday Potenciana, is Anda’s saint. After her death in 1953, her uncorrupted remains lie in state in Anda even up to the present. Many miracles were attributed to her intercession such as healing of illnesses and ailments, and the granting of numerous requests like the passing of exams, the chance to go abroad and more. Not only have the inhabitants of Anda called upon her for help but also people from different parts of the Philippines. They come and offer candles and flowers, pray, then touch the glass cover of the tomb and make the sign of the cross. Others wipe the glass with their handkerchiefs believing that the “moist” from the glass will heal them.

Rock Painting at Lamanok Point

Lamanok Point is accessible only by boat or on foot and situated in Barangay Badiang. It is believed to be the abode of the stone-aged

photo by only-connect

people or people living during the Paleolithic era. The painting doesn’t depict animals but is abstract with subtle shading; giving much attention to detail. Stone tools were used with blood from animals as paint, the process often called red hematite painting. Making their presence felt although quite isolated, the rock paintings are located on cliffs beside the sea.

Anda Falls

Anda Falls is located at Barangay Casica.

Blue Heaven

A mountain paradise often called by the locals as “Blue Heaven” can be found in Barangays Tanod and Linawan.