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Anda Beach

Anda's crystal clear waters and white sand beaches

The municipality of Anda is located at the eastern tip of Bohol, about 99.3 kilometers from Tagbilaran City of Bohol province. It is bounded in the north by the municipality of Candijay; in the south by the Mindanao Sea; east by the municipality of Mabini; and in the west by the Municipality of Guindulman.

It is considered as a 5th class municipality and covers an area of 6,286.1495 hectares or 62.86 square kilometers which is politically subdivided into 16 barangays, namely: Almaria, Bacong, Badiang, Buenasuerte, Candabong, Casica, Katipunan, Linawan, Lundag, Poblacion, Santa Cruz, Suba, Talisay, Tanod, Tawid, and Virgen. Population is 17,863 people in 3,072 households.

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Barangay Almaria occupies an area of 5.96 square kilometers; Bacong 4, Badiang 5.38, Buenasuerte 4.84, Candabong 8.09, Casica 1.29, Katipunan 4.62, Linawan 3.42, Lundag 8.83, Poblacion 0.51, Sta. Cruz 2.12, Suba .95, Talisay 2.19, Tanod 5.01, Tawid 1.47 and Virgen 4.36 square kilometers.

Farming is the major means of livelihood although the people also engage in other industries such as fishing, furniture making, fish net making, rope making, carpentry, poultry, hog raising and catching bangus fries. The principal products are rice, corn, coconuts, root crops, chicken, pigs and lumber which was taken from the forest.

Anda Beach

Majority of the people of Anda lives at the barrios and outskirts of the town proper. They are deeply religious and main religious activities revolve around the Anda Parish Church which belongs to the Diocese of Talibon. Their Patron Saint is the Santo Niño whose feast day is movable but celebrated in the month of January.

The local government takes care of the social welfare services in the municipality under the Department of Social Welfare & Development. Family Life and Education, Family Planning Counseling, Nutrition and Child Health, Self-employment Assistance and Relief Rehabilitation are some of the services being offered.

The per capital income of an average family in the planning area is from P 3,000 to P5,000 monthly derived from farm products. With an average of six (6) members each, most of the families are extended families.

The main health center has one (1) physician, a nurse, a sanitary inspector, six (6) midwives and a dentist who visits periodically. Rural health midwives are also available and attends to the emergency health needs of each barangay. The Health Center focuses on family planning, nutrition and medical facilities of the municipality.

The town of Anda has eight (8) primary schools, eight (8) Elementary Schools, three (3) public barangay high schools and one (1) private high school. It has a total of eighty four (84) teachers serving these schools with a ration of 1:50.

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