Camiguin Ardent Hot Spring

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Ardent Hot Spring is one of Camiguin’s hot springs and the most popular. The first time I visited the place, it was a natural pool with the waters truly hot especially at the shallowest point. The pool was surrounded by a rugged terrain with thick vegetation. The road leading to it was a dirt road with potholes. Rain, which falls more often than not, aggravated the situation.

Now, Ardent Hot Spring had a major facelift! The pool itself underwent beautification with the sides landscaped with natural stone formation, trees, shrubs and decorative plants. The pool is now four-tiered with varying depths and warmth with the hottest still at the top. Stone pathways were created under tall tropical trees with shrubs and flowering plants at both sides.

These stone pathways lead to thatched cottages and to an open-sided restaurant housed under a native-designed building. There are also dormitory facilities designed for family or groups of tourists offered at a much cheaper price. For day trippers, provided are picnic huts, cook-out facilities and restrooms. Aside from a dip in the pool, visitors can picnic on the grass-covered lawn under shady trees or play darts or table tennis.

The Municipality of Mambajao has transformed the Ardent Hot Spring into a real resort that can now compete with other 1st class resorts in the island.

Water’s Medicinal Value

The hot waters of Ardent Hot Spring come from the bowels of Mr. Hibok-Hibok and is said to be medicinal. People from far and wide come solely for this reason if not out of curiosity. As far as I remember, it is still of the same temperature – 40 degrees centigrade at most. It is hottest at the shallowest point and gets milder as the pool gets deeper.

It is the best treatment for any therapeutic ailment since the water contains sulphur, which is said to be a medicinal element to cure some types of illnesses. Because of the hot temperature of the waters, the suggested length of bathing should not be more than 20 minutes.

Try dipping into the pool and take in the serenity of your surroundings. Fore sure, you will feel rejuvenated in both mind and body. Joint pains and muscle aches will be alleviated. Tiredness will disappear! You know, this is a real paradise especially for arthritic patients. Enjoy the waters at any time although best in early morning and late evening. The spring is a boon even on rainy days!


Ardent Hot Spring is located in Esperanza, Tagdo, Mambajao about six (6) kilometers southwest of the municipality of Mambajao. Any ride can take you as far as Kuguita Church which is 3.5 kilometers from Mambajao then you have to walk the rest of the way. The spring is 2.5 kilometers from the Kuguita Church. Walk 1.5 kilometers inland until you reach a junction. Bear right then take the left road, the first road after the school, then turn right again until you reach the spring. Local folks will gladly show you the way to the spring, so do not worry. Overview

The Ardent Hot Spring Resort is a government-owned recreational and leisure facility run by the municipal government of Mambajao since 1999 and was once under the Philippine Tourism Authority (PTA).

Rehabilitation started in September of 2007 in anticipation of the influx of tourists during the October 2007 Lanzones festival. Fund allocation covers the immediate repair of the resort’s kitchen and restaurant and the procurement of new furnishings.

Further funding will be used to create a function hall, more cottages, and rehabilitation of the clubhouse as well as upgrading of existing facilities and equipment and construction of toilets, repair of beds, fixtures and other furniture.

The Provincial Government and the Department of Tourism envision the resort as a health spa complex where physical fitness and other health care management services will be offered to clients. Massage kiosks will be built and treatment offered for ailments using local herbs and spices. Hopefully, this venture will provide both livelihood and employment opportunities to the residents of the municipality.


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Ready to explore the beautiful islands of Cebu and Bohol? Secure your ferry tickets today through 12go and start your unforgettable journey!

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