Nestled gracefully on a magnificent cliff at a secluded neighborhood called Danao, Bluewater Panglao Beach Resort is ideally suited for families who want to experience a relaxing weekend, to create a memorable holiday, or simply to have fun because, as most people will agree, the family that plays together stays together.

The Bluewater Playground is set amidst the lush tropical splendor of the gardens that give a feel as though kids are just playing around a familiar ground at school. And for families or groups who want to make the most of their limited time of the day, Bluewater Panglao welcomes walk-in guests to its dramatically gorgeous landscape that resembles a Parterre garden, where guests can laze about, or kick the winsomely winding pavement en route to the Bluewater Beachfront, or just stand in awe of the vast array of its six-hectare greenery.

Of course, what family would want to leave the place without having been stuffed with the resort's sumptuous meal and swam at the family-friendly pool beaming right beside the amiable Bluewater Aplaya Restaurant.

The walk from the reception area to the Bluewater Beachfront may be that long, so that a free ride is warmed up all the time to shuttle guests within the island's dandiest vacation spot. And for guests who prefer meandering around, a brisk walk to and fro will be well worth it, not to mention pass for a good exercise, for as they say, walking is the best exercise.

The Bluewater Beachfront is way beyond cozy, for one can have the time of one's life unlaxing under the trees or under the huts, or basking in the sand. Providing an equally relaxing experience is the Bluewater Amuma Spa. After enjoying the resort's unlimited water activities such as swimming or diving at the beach, or kayaking at the Bluewater Beachfront Marine Sanctuary, one might as well get pampered with the soothing touch of a masseuse or a masseur at the spa.

Amidst the Bluewater Marine Sanctuary floats the Bluewater Drift Bar, where a family can enjoy a nice and peaceful lunch together, or honeymooners may opt for a semi-private discussion about their plans at such a romantic dinner. The floating bar travels between Alona beach and the Bluewater Beachfront. What could be more exciting than Bluewater Panglao Beach Resort's Aquamania package that includes dolphin watching and snorkeling trip to Balicasag Island, or seeing all the best of Bohol's world-famous attractions. Thus an experience that is in keeping with Bohol's crown as the most beautiful island province in the Philippines.

Bluewater Panglao Beach Resort provides unparalleled amenities as well as upscale accommodations, and promises a beyond extraordinary experience like no other. Its entire L-shaped WiFi-zone property commands a breathtaking view of the iconic bridge linking the spacious and well-appointed Bluewater Premier De Luxe Rooms, bedecking the view of the De Luxe Pool from the Baroto Poolside Bar.

Bluewater's contemporary architecture, magnificent artwork and stylish design are extended to the Bluewater Family Lofts, where Mom and Dad can savor their love for each other, let alone show care for their children. Not only does it provide all the comforts of a family, the Loft beckons a promise of privacy and intimacy inasmuch as the rooms afford an air of homey and mesmeric setting.

The Bluewater Honeymoon Pool Villas are perfectly settled for newlywed couples on a honeymoon, or lovers who want to celebrate their anniversary, or a boyfriend who simply wants to treat his girlfriend to a weekend getaway at a best-kept secret. The Villa is an exclusive haven complete with a veranda, a private pool, a sofa set where guests can entertain their visitors over a cup of tea.

Whether they choose to stay at the Premier De Luxe, or the Family Loft, or the Honeymoon Pool Villa, the guests will experience nothing less than first-class accommodation and wholehearted hospitality. They will see nothing but beauty both inside and out, for all of Bluewater Panglao Beach Resort seems like a good-looking yet faithful boyfriend, or a glamorous yet thoughtful girlfriend, that you refuse to keep your eyes off or let go of.

For reservations and inquiries, call Bohol Sales Office: (63-38) 416 0702 / 416 0696 / Cebu: (63-32) 492 0100) / Manila: (63-2) 817 5751 / 887 1348. You may also send a message to, or log in to Likewise, feel free to like Bluewater Panglao Beach Resort via the following link

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