Bohol Business Park

by antz

THE Central Visayas Regional Development Council (CVRDC) has endorsed for funding the feasibility study on the proposed Bohol Business Park, which will rise from the existing Tagbilaran City domestic airport.

With the construction of Panglao International Airport expected to go in full swing, the old airport was planned to become a new center for business and investments and has received full endorsement from the local governments of Tagbilaran and Bohol.

According to CVRDC economic development committee chairman Ernesto Quiamco, the development of the old airport is also part of the 10 in 2010 Development Agenda of Bohol.

“The agenda envisions the establishments of nonagricultural economic drivers for the province of Bohol,” Quiamco said. He said the business park proposal is also part of their response to President Arroyo’s order to study the privatization of the old city airport.

The CVRDC resolution will be sent to the office of the President whom they are asking to fund the prefeasibility study.

He said the business park intends to develop a high-quality business area and environmentally-friendly light industrial complex. It will also be a site for mixed, but complementary prime areas for commercial, business office spaces, tourism and high technology uses to stimulate economic growth.

The old airport is about 8.7 hectares in size, mostly owned by the provincial government with a smaller section owned by the Civil Aviation Authority and the Tagbilaran city government.

Bohol was once one of the poorest provinces in the country and a hotbed of communist insurgency. Huge infrastructure investments and development, however, positioned the island province as one of the biggest tourism draws of the country as well as an agricultural center.

Written by Willy Rodolfo III / Reporter

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