Bohol is a Great Place!

by Edsel Cabucos
(Cebu City, Phillippines)

USJR gang on the Chocolate Hills

USJR gang on the Chocolate Hills

Bohol is a nice place to be. People are so generous and very caring specially to the tourist!

As we went to bohol for our educational trip we have seen so many beautiful places like the chocolate hills, even though it is so tiring t go up the chocolate hills but your effort is worthy, because you can see up there so many different sizes of the hills...

Once you are hungry you can go to the floating restaurant and enjoy your meal...and you can also enjoy their beaches and white sands,,,

But my favorite part is when i saw the tarsiers; I was amazed of the way they twist their heads in 180 degrees angle...

there are so many place I want to visit in bohol..but our time was very short

But if given a chance I'd rather stay in bohol dan any other place!...

Balik ta sa bohol
balik hahha....

p.s. I love Bohol

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