Bohol: Lovelier the 3rd time around (part 1)

by Arcane Letters
(Manila, Philippines)

The 1st visit made me fall in love with the humble province of Bohol. The 2nd was like an Amazing Race since we missed our flight and had to pass by Cebu to get there. And the 3rd was for relaxation yet filled with adventure.

We thought we'd try Alona Beach since we've been staying at the other side of the island (Dumaluan Beach / Bohol Beach Club). It looks good in this picture but I didn't like the view and ambience as much I did at the other side. For one, the place is too crowded and the beach is teeming with boats and sea grass.

Once again, I'm a victim of over-rated reviews... Come on! It's nothing compared to Boracay. For one, the shoreline is too short. There were only a few restaurants, hotels and resorts to choose from fronting the beach.

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