Bolod Beach

bolod beach

Bolod Beach is located at barangay Bolod and situated on the south side of the island, about two and a half kilometers east of Alona Beach. The beach has a one and a half kilometer stretch of white sand, the largest shoreline in the area.

This is about 5 minutes by boat from Alona and is a common destination of the locals since a public beach is situated there. The local government have put up huts there for a minimal fee of P150/day; with an additional P30 if one needs to use the electric outlet for one’s radio, CD or whatnot. The shallow depth of the water makes it ideal for families.

Bathers can enjoy playing a game of beach volleyball. Others can stay overnight and may rent a tent for a fee of P350/tent good for two persons. Tables are also available for rent if the huts are all taken and they can be placed advantageously near the water or under the shade of trees lined along the beach.

Bringing your own “baon” is the common practice and if you so desire, grilling of food can be done at a big charcoal pit provided. For those who have no baon, grilled food can be ordered from a nearby grill hut.

bohol beach

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For privacy, full amenities and excellent services, Bolod Beach has the Bohol Beach Club, the Dumaluan Beach Resort and the Blue Sky Sea Resort. 10 minutes from the beach is the famous BBC dive site which consists of a hole on the wall, a cave formed like a chimney where one can encounter different colored sponges, gorgonians and fishes such as barracudas, tuna, snakes and mackerel.

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