Calape-Labuon First Visit of Michael

by Terry

A first visit of Michael to his Oyong & Oyangs hometown in Calape, Labuon was very interesting & thrilling to see & meet the cousins & uncles & tantes.

A great travel overseas with very small motor boat w/15 passengers to Cabilao very exiting & we met or saw Yacht from Germany.

My husband was interested to see Bohol he did not know that my that father is Boholano. But my Tatay is half paralized and Mama was bedridden they cannot come with us on that time. They lived in Davao.

I only make fotos & Video Aufnahme so that they can also see whats Bohol at this time & relatives coz my Tatay is since 23 years did not see his birthplace anymore.

He cried only coz he miss also his place. But last 25th Dec.2008 Mama died at the age of 92,we are so lonely & my father is more lonely coz he always remember my mother. He miss her always and always crying.

One Day I am so surprised that my sister who takes care of them said we will build a house in Bohol and you come with me so that you ll be little bit away from sad memories & see another atmosphere & meet old friends & relatives.

And now they are in Calape to see again his birthplace & recall all the past moments of his life.

I'm so thankful of God that He still give chance my Tatay to sse again his hometown. My Tatay was so happy with so much tears falling down from his eyes.

He said "These are the tears of Happiness. Imagine how many years Im half paralized and can still visit my hometown after 23 years."

This is only happen because of the first visit of Michael in Bohol from Germany coz of his Father is very interested to see Bohol, and because the Almighty God is so good to us.

Its like a miracle,wonder and one of my Mothers devoted Saints is San Vicente Ferrer and now the Fiesta in Calape is fast approaching and is also a San Vicente Ferrer & they like to attend the Fiesta of San Vicente & Fiesta of Santa Fatima in Labuon.

I can only say "God is so Powerful. Its like a dream for my Father that he is now together with his nephews & niece & brother sitting on the wheelchair.

I'm so thankful to God & to my loving sister that she make all for my Tatay & before also to my late loving Mama.

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Apr 10, 2012
by: Anonymous


May 09, 2011
by: Anonymous

my homeland!

Apr 25, 2010
by: Anonymous

i really missed this place, i came from Jagna, away for almost ten years now, bz of my work but find the perfect time to visit, lubos-luboson jud nako ug bakasyon pohon!!!! love my place so much dili ika baylo sa laing lugar.

Oct 24, 2009
How precious is my Homeland?
by: Loloy Nicanor


A 3 applicants in manila going abroad as a Tourist (U.S.A.).. Puro mga taga BOHOL (CALAPE pa gyud)..
Officer ask the 1st applicant... Taga asa man ka dhay? Unsa may imong buhaton sa U.S.A.?
lady : Taga Manila jud ko maam.. Maam Nurse ko, bakasyon lang ko didto.
Officer ask the 2nd applicant... Taga asa man ka doy? Unsa may imong buhaton sa U.S.A.?
guy : Taga Manila jud ko maam.. Maam Engineer ko, bakasyon lang pod ko didto.
Officer ask the 3rd applicant... Taga asa man ka dong? Unsa may imong buhaton sa U.S.A.?
guy : Taga Calape jud ko maam.. Maam mao pay pag graduate nako sa cvscaft, bakasyon lang ko didto.
Ang ing pasa ang 3rd guy ra..
Matud pa sa OFFICER : Siya ra gyud akoa gipapasar kay kabalo ko hapit na pista sa Calape muoli jud nig pista sure ko nga dili ni mag TNT didto... hehehehehe

To Michael, Just wait the english version dong.

Sep 09, 2009
by: Anonymous

I really appreciate people who sacrifices for the family.

May 07, 2009
Family All Around
by: Bong

That is a wonderful story on how Bohol managed to bring back the family together and back to the homeland.

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