Great tourist destination with the WORST Airport

by Francis

Bohol is one of those places that makes one look back at his heritage as a Filipino. This is the sight of the famous "Blood Compact" between Raja Sikatuna and spaniard Legazpi, and the 89 year rebellion against Spain by Francisco Dagohoy. The old churches, watch towers, Loboc and Abatan rivers, the Tarsiers and the Chocolate Hills are definitely worth the trip. Even the locals are very kind and gentle and the food is great.

In fact, the only really down side i experienced was the Tagbilaran Airport. It has got to be the worst i have been to in these beautiful country of ours. The arrival area w/ a small conveyor belt was warm and could not accomodate passengers from 2 jets operated by PAL and Cebu Pacific, arriving at the same time. Took us over 45 minutes to get our bags as PAL landed first and had first priority at the lone conveyor. Flying out was worse. We arrived at the Tagbilaran Airport early so the check in counter was still closed. But we had cleared the X-ray security check already and waited in the heat inside the WINDOWLESS terminal. The building was obviously designed to be airconditioned but only 7 small electric fans were operating blowing around the warm stale air we were all inhaling and exhaling. Then we had to pay an airport Terminal Fee. Well i guess we had to pay for the "sauna experience" while waiting in line to check in. But seriously, this is a health hazard more than an inconvenience to all the tourist flying out of Bohol. Airport Manager Edgar Solis, should make sure aircondition units are installed or open the wall to create windows to let the fresh Bohol breeze in.

The waiting area was another matter. Yes it is aircondtioned with 2 floors, but is too small to accomodate 3 plane loads of people (passengers were from ZestAir, AirPhil and Cebu Pac).

I hope somebody in the government, ATO?, reads this.

Guys, if you don't fix Tagbilaran Airport, tourism will be stunted. Forget the Panglao Airport, fix and improve what you already have. When friends ask, i'd have to say, they better make Cebu as their vacation base and just do a Bohol overnight via the fast craft. That would be more convenient and healthier for their lungs.

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