2008 Guindulman Feast of Our Lady of Consolation

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The town of Guindulman celebrated its annual town fiesta in honor of Our Lady of Consolation on September 7 and 8, 2008. With a loud cry of “Onward Guindulman, Peace & Prosperity for All!”, the Guindulmanons prepared for their feast day weeks and months beforehand. Working committees were put up and various activities were set and scheduled to make this year’s celebration more meaningful and memorable.

The 1st Novena Mass went off on August 30, a Saturday, followed by eight more consecutive evening masses. The actual feast day fell on September 8 with a Pontifical Mass at 9:00 o’clock in the morning and a floral parade at 2:00 o’clock in the afternoon spearheaded by the local LGU of Guindulman.

Nightly activities were held after every evening Masses. On August 30, LGU presented “Bubbles” featuring GCCA and on Sunday, a championship basketball game was held. Monday and Tuesday witnessed the presentations of the Business Sectors and the SMA/Religious Sectors, respectively.

A favorite pastime of all Guindulmanons, an ABC-Boxing bout was featured on Wednesday, which drew in the crowds. DPWH (Dept. of Public Works and Highways) and the Department of Education each have their nights where various talents were presented. September 6, presented the Fighter Wine Finals and a Coke extravaganza.

Come Vesper Day, the evening was highlighted with the Coronation of the Matron of Guindulman, 2008. Crowned, as “Matron of Guindulman 2008”, was Madam Eden Hohmann by the Mayor, Mrs. Ma. Fe A. Piezas, M.D., assisted by the Vice Mayor Marivic A. Golosino.

Even with dark foreboding clouds and intermittent showers, the faithful of Guindulman town thronged to the Church of Our Lady of Consolation to the attend Masses. The Pontifical Mass was held at 9:00 a.m.

At 1 p.m., the Field Demonstration commenced in spite of the rain and even if the playground, where it was held, was flooded. The show continued and successfully ended. The presentations were done with much gaiety and though times were tough financially, the participating teams were still able to bring out their best with little brilliant arrayed props.

With the concerted efforts of the Department of Education led by Principal, Bonifacio C. Timbal and the eager participation of all students, even those from Bayong, Lumbog, Biabas, and far flung Mayuga, the Floral Parade was a success!

It does not matter who win or lose in the Field Demonstration. To me everybody won! Everybody enjoyed the occasion. It was the first presentation in the history of Guindulman that all students from the private and public schools, high school and those in the elementary grades, participated wholeheartedly in the affair making it so lively and memorable.

While the Field Demonstration was still going on, the Floral Parade commenced and was led by the Local Government Unit of Guindulman. In the evening, the people again gathered for the Grand Disco which was open for everybody. People showed off their dancing skills, young and old alike, swaying to the beat of disco music. Others, who were already intoxicated with liquor from day-long feasting, were one-time performers, adding much to the enjoyment of the onlookers. It was a fiesta, all Guindulmanons will never forget!

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