Hills of Bohol

by Robert S. Gardner

BANAT-I HILL, Tagbilaran City

This hill commands a scenic view overlooking the vast Sea of Mindanao, Negros and Siquijor provinces, and the strait of Panglao Island. Elevation is 145 meters.

ELLY HILL, Tagbilaran City
Its formation is similar to that of the famous Chocolate Hills. Elevation is 100 meters and it is situated in the northern part of the city about 5 km away.

CHOCOLATE HILLS, Carmen -- 55 km from Tagbilaran City
This is the most famous tourist attraction in Bohol. Among the thousands of perfectly cone-shaped hills which abound in Central Bohol, two of the hills have been developed into a resort. On top of the hill are two youth hostels with a conference room, cozy cottages with private rooms and accomodation.

On top of the second hill is an observation deck with 213 concrete steps. Once on top, one can view the exquisite panorama of God's wondrous creation spread as far as the eyes can see.
Food is served at the restaurant The site is connected by a cemented winding road to the main highway.

HIMONTAGON HILL, Loay -- 20km from Tagbilaran City
Located in Sitio Candoon in Barangay Botoc Occidental, the Himontagon Hill is a very scenic place overlooking the Mindanao Sea. Visible from atop the hill are the sparkling evening sceneries which portray a beautiful glittering city mid-sea, the lights being provided by lamps of fishermen. During clear weather, Hibok-Hibok Volcano on the island of Camiguin is visible in the distance. The hill also provides fascinating scenes during sunrise an susnset.

OMHON RESORT, Dimiao -- 40 km from Tagbilaran City
Omhon is located in one of the highest elevated parts of the province and the climate is cool. It is planned to be the summer capital of the province.

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