How Pangangan Island Got Its Name????/

by maedy gallego-dunlap
(madangog, pangangan island, calape, bohol, philippines)


The island of Pangangan is a part, and one of the two islands of the town of Calape,Bohol.

Pangangan was previously called by our old folks as “Panggawan”. From the word “panggaw”.

PANGGAWAN is a kind of fish trap used by some fishers to catch fishes. And this kind of fishing was very popular within this island since the olden days.

The word “PANGGAWAN” had became “Pangangan” as derived by the generation of people living in this place until today, and it is the official name of this island.

Pangangan Island today has eight barangays namely; Lawis, Talisay, Kinabag-an, Magtongtong, Madangog, Looc, Lomboy, and Kahayag.

The cause way that connects from main land to Pangangan Island was completely constructed by locals without involving an engineering construction practices after WWII, and believed to be the longest cause way in the Philippines.

Pangangan has been declared a Mangrove Swamp Forest Reserve under the Presidential Proclamation No.2152 dated December 29, 1981. It is covered by two coastal management projects of the Department of Environment and Natural Resources: the Coastal Environmental Program and the Coastal Resource Management Project, which is funded by the United States Agency for International Development.

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