I Want to Go Back Again to Bohol

by Sage Rainelle

My lola who went home from Italy for a vacation, wanted to visit Bohol with my mom and I. So we booked three days for Bohol on a long weekend.

When we arrived, I was mesmerized by the green surroundings, which is very different from the Metro Manila. The air was very fresh and there was cool breeze going around.

We went to stay at "The Bohol Beach Club" and once we were finished unpacking, we went out and explored the resort. On our second day,we hired a driver and a tour guide to go with us as we went on a wonderful adventure while we were there.

Our first destination was the statue of the Blood Compact.

Second was we passed by the ancient house, it was a house that was preserved over the centuries. Next, we went to the viewing deck of the famous Chocolate Hills! They were so beautiful but it was very hot because of the sun.

When we got hungry, we had lunch on the river cruise in Loboc River. The food were so delicious! And it was buffet! I ate so much that day!

The next thing I knew it was our last day there. We woke up early to go dolphin watching. We were hoping to see whales also but the boat men said they only come summer time, too bad.

Anyway, as the boats got farther and farther, we saw groups of dolphins. Some jumping and some just simply swimming.

As I got on the plane home that day, I told myself that someday, I will go back here again.

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