Lakbay aral at Bohol last july 2008

by carlos c. saguing III
(Alubijid Misamis Oriental)

it was my first time to travel at bohol.

which is i think every second on that time was so exciting.

i been there at blood compact,at baclayon church then we go to the big snake i forgot the name of that park after that we go to luboc rever which very romantic place for me we take our lunch there at floating restaurant.

from luboc we go to chocolate hills, after that we go to sagbayan peak.

after that we go back to tagbilaran to sleep at jj"s we rest there while other was enjoy in swimming at the pool.

the other are go to shopping we're so enjoy on that moment since we're about 65 person employees on that tour from ALUBIJID MISAMIS ORIENTAL.

in the morning at jj's inn we take our breakfast and ready to go at PANGLAO ISLAND. but before we go there we drop by at dawis bohol old church we see there a well inside the church after that we go to panglao we go to swimming there what i nice beach "i said".

we take our lunch there we drink "bahalina" i think bahalina is there native wine.

at 2:00 pm we go back to tagbilaran to buy some pasalubong since that was our last day at bohol we go to island city mall also.

after that it so sad that we go bach to jj's to prepare going back to our home town all we can say at that time is goodbye bohol hope to come back again.

all i can say is bohol is a nice place the people there are so good....

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Jul 14, 2011
Check your grammar..uuuu
by: Anti-grammar

Nag magaling si grammar... Ikaw din eh sabit.... Tsk tsk...

Feb 04, 2011
by: Artadi

may pa imo na gi binisaya loy ma klaro pa!

Apr 05, 2010
by: Anonymous

i am so disappointed with the grammar... this is the kind of english that will multiply to the younger generations because i believe the author is a teacher...

Feb 19, 2010
by: Anonymous

pag chur oi....

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