My Fiancee + Me + Bohol

by Wendilin
(Scottsdale, AZ, USA)

we love bohol

we love bohol

I'm Boholana and i meet my husband last aug 12,2007.

He visited me 2 times in Bohol Philippines, and we went to see different nice views of bohol with my family and relatives.

We went to the chocolate hills. Saw tarsiers which scared him bcoz of the big eyes... twas his first time to see a tarsier...

He loved Loboc. Liked the food... visited blood compact site, baclayon church.

And we stayed in my family's home after our tour, i introduced him to all my relatives. He was happy to meet them.

Now I'm here in Arizona, USA with my husband after 6 months of proccesing our paper. I am almost a year here and we plan to visit Bohol again this coming November 25 to dec 4,2009.

We hope that everything will doing good.

We are anxious to see again in bohol specially my family and relatives.




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