Night Kayaking

by Ken Rose
(Talibon, Bohol)

Kayaking in Bien Unido

Kayaking in Bien Unido

I just discovered an amazing natural wonder in Bohol. We went kayaking on the island of Jau, Talibon, Bohol. At night when it is very dark and there is no moon, any movement in the water disturbs the plankton causing it to glow. The ripples from the boat and the paddle glow brightly enough to use it to see other boats moving near you. Local fishermen have been using this natural light for many years while fishing. It also glows as you swim, splash or move your hands under water. In other countries I have lived the water does not do this. My brother said he has seen it once in a swamp in Florida but it is defiantly something special to try if you have a chance while you are visiting Bohol.

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