by Fiorella Christina Lao Noval
(Cagayan de Oro City)

Our whole Bohol story started when we arrived at Jagna Pier.

We stayed at my friends fathers cousins house.
On our first day at Bohol, we went to see Tarsiers and we saw a tarsier who's giving birth.
Second, we went to see the great Chocolate Hills and wished at the wishing well.
Third, we went to Panglao and ate our lunch.
Fourth, we went to see the Hagdanan cave and saw the structures of some rocks example the Altar, the Eye of the Cave, and the Fox.
Fifth, we went to see Prony the biggest Python in Asia.
Sixth, we went to see the oldest church, the Baclayon church at the Philippines and went to see the Museum.
And then we went home.
On our second day, we went to Loboc and celebrated their Fiesta, and then at the afternoon we went to Badjang and swam there.
And our last day we enjoyed the beach near the house that we stayed in.

And that is our Bohol story.


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