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Welcome to Palms Cove Villa, the comfort of living with an unforgetable luxury experience.


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Panglao Island is rich of beauties of culture, nature, and the people. The place is an island paradise that can cater your need of comfort, relaxation and peace of mind..

Convening with the natural wonders, vast cultural and historical treasure, plus the hospitality of locals. Bohol is a place tha everybody needs to explore its unique Island wonders.

Panglao Island is tropical Island paradise that mostly people describe it a "slice of heaven" that serenity of white powder sand and crystal clear water will chill your senses.
In the afternoon, arrays of romantic sunset BBQ that offers a variety of local fresh seafoods with the ambience of cool breeze in a beachside dining.

Strolling in the beachside is truly pristine that couple can feel gthe romance in the air.
Acivities for a family and friends is also a great deal of fun and relaxation.
Diving, snorkling, dolphine watching and even Island hopping are the few activity that Panglao offers.

If you choose a very calm and slow realaxation, you can set your sheet on the sand and experience the relaxing massage for a very fair price.

Alona Beach is one of the top beachside attraction in Panglao that you can see people hanging out in the beach with their preference of their sense of liesure.

Palm Cove is a perfect and most convenient place to be when you want to have this magnificent vacation of Panglao.

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