Playing Beach Volleyball

by Bong

If you are an aficionado of beach volleyball, you will surely be delighted with the beaches in the Philippines. You could play beach volleyball at Boracay, Panglao Island, Puerto Galera, Anilao, Pangasinan, La Union, Ilocos, Camiguin, Dakak, and virtually in any island resort in the Philippines.

Playing Beach volleyball is not just fun but provides a total workout that is good for the health. Anyone could play beach volleyball wherever there's a sand or net. The good thing about this sport is that anyone could play it: men and women, teenager and adult. Anyone could gather for beach volleyball. The players don't even need to know each other. This is what usually happens at the beach.

Playing beach volleyball need not be tiresome. All you have to do is to form teams with members of different ages and varying health levels. This makes beach volleyball more interesting for friends and the family during the summer. Beach volleyball could be very tiring if played in a tournament.

In order to start playing beach volleyball, you only have to form at least 2 teams, with at least 2 players per team. It is recommendable though that the less experienced and more skilled players are mixed together. The more balance of players are there, the more interesting the games would be.

The rules for beach volleyball is the same for the usual volleyball. The difference is that the former is played on sand, usually by the beach, while the latter is played by a wooden court. It is usually very challenging to move through sand, basking at the heat of the sun, when playing beach volleyball. This challenge makes it a fun sport.

Having powerful legs is important when playing beach volleyball. However, jumping and falling skills are more important than powerful legs. Well-tuned beach volleyball players know how it is more difficult to run and jump on sand rather than a wooden court.

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