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From Tagbilaran Airport to Embracing Growth: Bohol's Vision for a Vibrant Convention Center and IT Park

The provincial government of Bohol is embracing a promising opportunity for development by considering the establishment of a vast convention center and an IT Park at the abandoned Tagbilaran City Airport. This visionary initiative demonstrates the province's commitment to meeting the growing demand for tourism and MICE (Meetings, Incentives, Conferences, and Exhibitions) events.

Governor Aumentado's announcement highlights the province's openness to engaging in private-public partnerships, inviting potential investors to join forces in revitalizing the old airport. This collaborative approach ensures that the development project will benefit from the expertise and resources of both the private and public sectors, leading to a more comprehensive and successful outcome.

Although earlier plans for a township development by Megaworld were not feasible due to the slim runway cut of the lot, this setback has paved the way for alternative ideas and possibilities. The provincial government, driven by their determination to maximize the potential of the area, is actively seeking solutions that align with the tourism and MICE industries.

With the province already owning approximately six hectares of land in the vicinity, the groundwork for development has been laid. Furthermore, coordination with various national agencies that own the remaining land is underway, fostering collaboration and synergy among stakeholders.

While there may be ongoing legal matters between the provincial government and the family of the late lawyer Edilberto Gallares, who generously donated the lot, it is encouraging to see that these issues are being addressed and resolved. The commitment to finding a resolution demonstrates the province's dedication to honoring the donor's intentions and utilizing the land for the greater good of the community.

Looking ahead, the potential establishment of a convention center and an IT Park at the old airport holds immense promise for Bohol's tourism and MICE sectors. Such a development will attract a diverse range of national and international events, conferences, and exhibitions, positioning the province as a premier destination for business and leisure.

The convention center will provide state-of-the-art facilities and infrastructure, capable of accommodating large-scale gatherings and fostering networking opportunities. This will enable Bohol to compete on a global stage, drawing in both domestic and international visitors and bolstering the local economy.

Simultaneously, the IT Park will serve as a hub for technological innovation, attracting tech companies and startups to establish their presence in Bohol. This will create job opportunities for the local workforce, promote knowledge-sharing, and contribute to the overall development of the province.

The positive outlook for development in meeting the demands of tourism and MICE events in Bohol is an exciting prospect. With the province's commitment to collaboration, resolving legal matters, and embracing private-public partnerships, the establishment of a convention center and an IT Park at the old airport site will undoubtedly propel Bohol's tourism industry to new heights. The province is poised to become a hub for business, innovation, and world-class events, enriching the local community and establishing Bohol as a globally recognized destination.