Tagbilaran-Negros-Tagbilaran Routes

Negros Island offers a perfect blend of rustic and cosmopolitan lifestyle. Like Bohol, there are numerous attractions: natural and man-made, scattered all over the island. So if you think you have done sight-seeing Bohol, then step into a new oasis and let the thrill of new discoveries excite you.

Not just for island hoppers but to everyone who wants to go to Negros Island in an easiest means possible, here are some tips and schedules for you.

From Bohol, the best entry point to the Negros Island is thru Dumaguete City. Likewise, from Negros to Bohol, Dumaguete City offers the fastest access. Not just the most convenient way to get to Bohol/ Dumaguete but the only access available and it is by a FAST FERRY.

This marine fast crafts are using the Singaporean or Danish built catamaran type motorboats. With its cruising speed of 50 kilometers per hour, it offers safest, high-speed services for the passengers. Once aboard, it feels like you’re on an airplance with safety instructions before departure. The fare is more expensive than regular ferries, but nevertheless, it’s well-spent.

Currently, there are only two shipping companies that operate Bohol-Dumaguete-Bohol trips: the Ocean Jet and the WeeSam Express. The former performs two (2) trips daily while the latter has only one schedule every day. Every week, there are 21 trips going and leaving Dumaguete City.

Going From Tagbilaran City to Dumaguete

Day From Departure To Arrival Shipping Line
Daily Tagbilaran City 08:00 AM Dumaguete City 09:40 AM Ocean Jet
Daily Tagbilaran City 05:45 PM Dumaguete City 07:25 PM Ocean Jet
Daily Tagbilaran City 09:15 AM Dumaguete City 10:45 AM WeeSam Express

The next one is via ”Cebu-Dumaguete” which takes longer period, bigger risks and not to mention, it is much more costly. It is not so advisable for people with heavy loads and disabled/ injured company. But what’s the edge here; there are many flights a day for domestic airlines as well as Fast Crafts and regular shuttle ferries for sea transports in few hours interval.

To see domestic flights, click here

For those who prefer sea transport via Cebu, see schedules here.

From those who are looking for an easiest route from Dumaguete to Tagbilaran, here are the schedules for you.

Going From Dumaguete to Tagbilaran

Day From Departure To Arrival Shipping Line
Daily Dumaguete City 07:30 AM Tagbilaran City 09:10 AM Ocean Jet
Daily Dumaguete City 02:20 PM Tagbilaran City 04:00 PM Ocean Jet
Daily Dumaguete City 01:15 PM Tagbilaran City 02:45 PM WeeSam Express

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