In spite of a slight drizzle, and the threat of a downpour, the Municipal employees, the Talibon Police Force and members of the DepEd (Department of Education) still gathered in front of the Municipal Hall for the flag raising ceremony, yesterday, at 8:00 sharp at Talibon, Bohol.  June 12, marks the D-Day of the freedom of the Filipinos under foreign rule.

Starting with a short community prayer – a prayer led by yours truly and repeated by everyone present; the flag raising itself by the assigned policemen; the welcome talk of the head of the Police Force, Police Chief Inspector Lorenzo A. Batuan; the affair ended immediately after the Municipal Administrator’s short story on the historical events that eventually led to Independence.

Yet, sad to say, only a fraction of the total work force of the Municipality of Talibon was present.  Many did not heed the call for compulsory attendance!

Many have forgotten…. that it is only by the grace of God that we are now free from foreign rule…that we are now enjoying a life of freedom because of the bloody sacrifices of our forefathers. 

Our neighbors do not enjoy this freedom.  Peace has eluded them until now.  Hear the news….read the papers….browse on the internet.  Death is everywhere.  FREEDOM is denied to most people.

Filipinos are blessed! We are FREE! But many of us have failed to acknowledge this truth.  We have taken this for granted!

Who was able to light a small candle for the souls of our departed forefathers?  Who was able to offer them even a short prayer?

I myself forgot to light a candle.  Yet, I offered them more.  Aside from attending the short program, I offered a Mass for them in the afternoon.  It is only a small gesture of thanks to the Almighty Father for his benevolence and a gesture of thanks to my dearly departed forefathers. And yet we were only few!

Hope next time Independence Day comes; more people will be in attendance.  Hope Talibongnons, and in a sense, all Filipinos will give value for value - the immense value of the love of God and the love of our forefathers presented to us by their bloody sacrifices! (ellen marie o. buno)