The “Patubig sa Barangay, Kahimsog sa Panimalay” Project was launched last November 4, 2011 during the 115th Birth Anniversay Celebration of the late Carlos P. Garcia.  The materials for this project, such as the jetmatic pumps and the plastic pipes were blessed by then Deacon Jerson Justiniane.

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This project stemmed from the initiative of the Mayor of Talibon, Restituto B. Auxtero in line with the Nutrition Program.  He knows that “Water is Life” and without water, proper nutrition cannot be achieved. 

And so he came up with the thought of providing hand pumps in the 25 barangays of the municipality so that the families can easily avail of clean and uncontaminated water.  Present open wells are not hygienic. 

With this in mind, the Mayor shared his plans with the Barangay Captains during their ABC meeting which convened every 1st Friday of the month. 

What was agreed upon……

1)  Each Barangay Captain is to identify the families that need most the pumps and to group them into not less than 5 households per one (1) unit of jetmatic pump assembly.

2)  That there should be an existing operational well in the vicinity of each cluster.

3)  The LGU-Talibon will provide the jetmatic pumps plus assembly but the installation of the units be shouldered by the recipients as counterpart.

4)  The household users shall be organized and required to submit approved management plan for sustainability.

5)  Project duration is from September to December 2011.

With the submission of the list of recipients by the Barangay Captains, the following jetmatic pumps were distributed to the requesting parties concerned:



   Bagacay         Hon. Marciano Yana              5                  12/13/2011

  Balintawak       Hon. Diego Evardone             5                  11/22/2011

     Burgos         Hon. Glicerio T. Bebiro           5                  11/22/2011

    Busalian        Hon. Divina G. Valmoria          5                  12/11/2011

    Cataban       Hon. Loreto M. Caballero         5                  11/28/2011

 Guindacpan      Hon. Lorenzo C. Torreon         1                  11/25/2011

 Magsaysay      Hon. Venerando Aparece         5                   1/06/2012

  Nocnocan       Hon. Ernesto C. Cellan            3                 12/05/2011

     Rizal            Hon. Juanito B. Baay             5                   1/05/2012

 San Agustin      Hon. Felimon A. Buno            1                  10/27/2011

 San Carlos        Hon. Fortunato Cajes            4                 12/05/2011

 San Francisco   Hon. Engracia G. Artiaga        5                 11/25/2011

  San Isidro       Hon. Josefina G. Torreon        5                 12/13/2011

                                                               2                   2/09/2012

   San Jose       Hon. Inocencio I. Gurrea         5                 11/25/2011

                              c/o APGES                   1                 11/29/2011

  San Roque     Hon. Hilario Aurestila               5                 12/12/2011

  Sto. Niño       Hon. Lazaro E. Artiaga            5                 11/22/2011

                                                               2                 11/29/2011

   Sikatuna       Hon. Sergio C. Furog              5                   1/10/2012

     Suba          Hon. Eligido C. Monte             3                   2/13/2012

    Zamora        Hon. Prima B. Tautjo              5                 12/13/2011


The LGU counterpart (for the purchase of the jetmatic pumps and assembly) came from the Mayor’s 20% Development Fund 2011 Level 1 and 2. (by: ellen marie o. buno)


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