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Explore Bohol: A Guide to Must-Visit Places and Reliable Resources

Are you planning a trip to the stunning island of Bohol in the Philippines? From the famous Chocolate Hills to the mesmerizing Loboc River, this tropical paradise offers a wealth of attractions and experiences. To ensure you have a memorable and well-informed adventure, we've compiled a list of important websites and institutions that will serve as your go-to resources for planning your Bohol getaway.

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Department of Tourism - Bohol

The Department of Tourism - Bohol is your official gateway to all things tourism in the province. Their website, [https://tourism.bohol.gov.ph/], is a treasure trove of information on attractions, accommodations, upcoming events, and more. Start your journey by exploring this comprehensive resource.

Bohol Tourism Office:

The Bohol Tourism Office is another valuable resource for planning your trip. Their website, [https://www.boholtourismph.com/](https://www.boholtourismph.com/), provides a wealth of information on the best attractions, dining options, transportation, and insider tips. It's an excellent place to gather insights and make informed decisions for a fantastic Bohol experience.

Bohol Provincial Government:

Stay up to date with the latest initiatives and services by visiting the official website of the Bohol Provincial Government at [http://bohol.gov.ph/](http://bohol.gov.ph/). They provide valuable information on local regulations, safety measures, and any ongoing projects that may impact your visit. It's always good to be well-informed about the destination you're visiting.

Official Gazette of the Republic of the Philippines:

The official gazette of the Philippines publishes government news, announcements, and information about the country. Website: https://www.officialgazette.gov.ph/

Department of Tourism Philippines:

The official website of the Department of Tourism provides comprehensive information about various destinations and attractions across the Philippines. Website: https://www.tourism.gov.ph/

National Historical Commission of the Philippines:

The NHCP is responsible for preserving and promoting Philippine history and heritage. Their website offers valuable historical information and resources. Website: https://nhcp.gov.ph/

Philippine Information Agency:

The Philippine Information Agency is the official public information arm of the government. They provide news, updates, and features on various topics, including tourism and local events. Website: https://pia.gov.ph/

Other relevant resources for Bohol

Bohol Beach Club:

For those seeking a beachfront getaway, the Bohol Beach Club is a popular choice. Immerse yourself in the beauty of Panglao Island and enjoy the luxurious amenities this resort offers. You can find more details about the resort on their website, [https://www.boholbeachclub.com.ph/](https://www.boholbeachclub.com.ph/), including accommodation options, activities, and contact information.

Chocolate Hills:

A visit to Bohol is incomplete without marveling at the iconic Chocolate Hills. Although there is no official website dedicated to this natural wonder, you can discover captivating travel blogs or articles that highlight the geological phenomenon. These sources offer valuable insights, breathtaking photos, and personal experiences of travelers who have witnessed the beauty of the Chocolate Hills firsthand.

Loboc River Cruise:

Don't miss the enchanting Loboc River Cruise, where you can enjoy a delightful river journey while being treated to cultural performances and delectable local cuisine. While there's no dedicated website, you can rely on reputable travel agencies or tour operators that offer Loboc River cruise packages. Research their offerings and read reviews to find a trusted provider that suits your preferences.

Panglao Island:

Panglao Island is a haven for beach lovers, boasting pristine shores and world-class dive spots. Although there's no official website, you can explore various travel guides or browse through resorts located on Panglao Island. These resources will provide insights into accommodations, activities, and the mesmerizing beauty of the island.

Tarsier Conservation Area:

When in Bohol, make sure to visit the Tarsier Conservation Area, a sanctuary for the adorable and endangered Philippine tarsier. While there's no dedicated website, you can rely on reputable sources to learn more about tarsier conservation efforts in Bohol. These sources will give you a glimpse into the conservation area's significance and educate you about responsible tourism practices when encountering these unique creatures.

As you plan your adventure in Bohol, remember to utilize the valuable resources provided

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