My Trip to Paradise Hills Resort

Bohol has been long known for its natural beauty that exudes different degree of pleasure whenever you are here. However, there are other places that are noteworthy but not totally discovered by the tourists, foreigners or locals alike. I have been living in Bohol for almost 11 years from now but there are still places that are long been cherished by other Boholanos.

The chance to visit Sierra Bullones and the Paradise Hills Resort came when we implored our teacher to give us more time for our research proposal (a part of our research class). We promised to pass our proposal at her residence; just in order to be given more leeway in our research.

Our teacher agreed and encouraged all of us to go. She offered herself as our special tourist guide. Aside from the well-known Paradise Hills Resort, she stated that a cave with an inside waterfalls is present in Sierra Bullones.

Well, I wasn’t that excited because I’ve already experienced swimming in fresh-water pools. But then, I decided to go because as a leader, you have to control the group. Besides, I am a contributor to my uncle’s website and an article with pictures means more income for me.

We decided to take a bus for a much cheaper fare to Sierra Bullones than taking a V-hire which doubles the costs in riding a bus because we lost all the chances for free trip to be sponsored by some of our well-heeled classmates.

Due to the excitement and wanting to do more, we took the earliest trip to Sierra Bullones. It was 3:30 in the morning and the next trip will be more or less at 5:00 to 5:30. I was almost left behind if not one of my classmates called me on the phone. Thank God, I already packed my things and was ready to go.

For about one and a half hours, we arrived in the cross road to Sierra Bullones and disembarked. Our teacher picked us up at the crossroads and we headed to her residence located at the Poblacion.

After a very hearty breakfast, we left for Pilar Dam, one of the biggest dams in the Bohol. But before that, we stopped by the “Pilar Freedom Park and Wild Animals” Sanctuary, near the dam. After taking pictures of the “wild animals”, we went immediately to the dam proper. The water was way below the spillway area maybe because of the absence of rain for many days now.

One thing that caught my eyes was the main road. It was well-asphalted and the trip was smooth. I enjoyed watching the railways. People applied the “clean and green” rule for sure. The view of the greeneries was best appreciated from the dam.

Afterwards, around 10 o’clock in the morning, we left for Paradise Hills Resort. We were all excited and we kept on laughing along the road. After a while, we got impatient for Paradise Hills was still too far away and the road towards the resort was under construction at that time.

On board the pick-up, we felt battered up. With our hands, we tried to keep the door of our pick-up closed since the lock was broken and with out legs we tried to keep our food and baggages from falling.

It was a relief when we reach Paradise Hills Resort in Matin-ao, Sierra Bullones. The thought of swimming in the cool waters of the resort energized us. The entrance fee was 20 pesos for those who just want to go around and see the place. But if you want to go swimming, you pay 40 pesos per head. For us locals, the price was too high.

We were not able to resist. In a minute we immersed ourselves in the pool. The water was very, very, very cold. Looking around, the place is really beautiful. The mountaintops can be seen from where we were standing and the sky above was a bit downcast. That was good because it was not too hot and we do not want to get tanned while swimming.

Plants abound in the place giving it a serene and quite ambiance. Yet there were only three pools; one for the children and two for the adults. A bridge separates the children pool from one of the adult pools. The other adult pool was lower that the rest.

We stayed in the waters for too long and without our knowing, it was late. We went home to our teacher’s home to rest. We left at noontime for Talibon. It was a pity we were not able to visit the cave with the waterfalls. If God permits, we will visit it next time.

To sum it all up, the trip was really enjoyable and memorable. It was a big break for us students. We became closer. We recommend Paradise Hills Resorts to everybody who wants to relax, dip in cool waters, and commune with nature.

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