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by miko

I have a theory that that thousands of chocolate hills are not actually natural hills (just like any other normal hillls) but ancient tumuli (mga ancient man-made structures or tombs) na natabunan na ng sediments throughout times.
Maraming mga ganitong uri ng burol na makikita sa iba't-ibang lupalop ng daigdig!
Pwede nyong i-google: "Tumulus" or "world's tumuli". What puzzles me about the hills ay kung bakit damo lang ang pwedeng tumubo sa kanya, or bakit walang mga giant trees sa taluktok nito? Bakit sa baseline lang?
Nakakaintriga din kasi ang conic or pyramidic shape ng mga ito-- na almost perpindicular ang mga sukat! Hmmmm...
Kelangang may mag-study sa mga ito nang magkaalaman.
Baka may nakatagong matndandang kasaysayan ang Bohol na di natin alam?


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Mar 23, 2023
by: Anonymous

I am Japanese and recently found out about this place (Bohol).
If a Japanese person sees this, they will probably call it an ancient burial mound.
・Why are there no trees?
・No sign of a volcano.
・It is not a coalition, and one is isolated and small.

This is a group of burial mounds, and probably objects from the Kofun period should be excavated under this.

Mar 17, 2021
Burial mound
by: Anonymous

The god cultutre channel have researched this to be ancient pyramids where our ancestors were buried. When i was reading comments o the gog and.magog series of the god cultute channel, i read a comment about tumuli and googled what it meant that brought me here to your page. The ancient river systems on the ocean floor all point to an area in the philippines where it waters the land contrary to the popular belief that the rivers of eden is tigris and euphrated in the middle east. Garden of eden is found somewhere in the waters of palawan area. The origin of life is in our country. We are called the far east, isles of the east in the bible. Adam and eve were created here somewhere in mt hibok hibok area. Thats where adam offers sacrifices to yahuah. So these mounds are the burial of adam and eve and their decendants thats why theres plenty. About 1,260 tumuli. I think its more of a tumuli than a pyramid but i guess pyramids are also burial grounds but with a complex structure on top.

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