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Valencia is one of the coastal towns in the southern portion of Bohol Island and part of the 3rd District of the Province. If there’s one thing notable on the town that would probably be the Badian Spring, which gushes out from the rocks, accumulated into a pool and ended up at sea.

This 4th class municipality of Bohol is about 42 kilometers away from the capital city, Tagbilaran City. Located along the southern coastlines of the province, the town is facing the vast Bohol Sea, lying in between the towns of Dimiao and Garcia Hernandez.

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According to 2007 census, Valencia has a total population of 28,043. The town’s total land area is 100.77 square kilometers and it is further fractioned into 35 barangays alphabetically stated: Adlawan, Anas, Anonang, Anoyon, Balingasao, Botong, Buyog, Canduao Occidental, Canduao Oriental, Canlusong, Canmanico, Cansibao, Catug-an, Cutcutan, Danao, Genoveva, Ginopolan, Banderahan, La Victoria, Lantang, Limocon, Loctob, Magsaysay, Marawis, Maubo, Nailo, Omjon, Pangi-an, Poblacion Occidental, Poblacion Oriental, Simang, Taug, Tausion, Taytay, Ticum.

Majority of the residents are farmers or if not, fishermen. Agriculture is the leading economic mover for this laid-back municipality. Data shows that 39.27% of the total land area is devoted to agriculture and majority of the population depends on agricultural products such as rice, corn, coconut, banana, root crops, vegetables and fruits.

The market day, locally called “Tabu” falls every Sunday where their local produce and sold and sometimes bartered with other goods. Others are also into weaving and pot making industries. The town attracts tourists as well with its famed Badiang Spring Resort- a seaside resort, with a waterfall and swimming pools.

Education is deemed very important for the Valencianos. The children are sent to elementary schools in Poblacion and in the barrios. They can continue their secondary education at Valencia High School. The town is noted as the birthplace of the former Executive Secretary Juan Pajo.

One cannot question their faith. It’s unwavering evidenced by the number of church goers and its well-preserved church. The Valencia Church is one of the biggest and most beautiful churches in Bohol. The town’s fiesta is dedicated to their Patron, Sto. Niño and celebrates annual feast day every 16th of January.

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