Alicia Church

alicia church

The inhabitants of Alicia are predominantly Roman Catholics and their faith revolved around the Alicia Parish Church. The Patron Saint of the town is San Joaquin whose feast day falls on August 15. Their main means of livelihood is agriculture and those along the coastal areas are involved in fishing.

alicia church

The municipality of Alicia

The municipality of Alicia is situated in the eastern part of Bohol, about 103 kilometers from the City of Tagbilaran, a two hours and thirty minutes ride away. It is a 4th class municipality and ranks 3rd among the top 20 most deprived municipalities in Bohol. Anda is part of the 3rd Congressional District of Bohol.

History of Alicia

The town of Alicia used to be a village called Batuanan. This village’s name is different from the present town of Batuan although both areas took their names from the batuan trees that grew in abundance in their locality. The batuan tree was of much use at that time. The water in which its leaves and fruits are boiled can clean metals while the ripe fruit produces oil equivalent to olive oil.

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The 31 coastal towns (in alphabetical order) are: Alburquerque, Alicia, Anda, ... The 3rd district comprises the towns of Alicia, Anda, Batuan, Bilar,

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