Bayongan Dam

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The Bayongan Dam is a reservoir-type dam located at the heart of the municipality of San Miguel in Bohol, Philippines.

The dam was built to augment the existing water supply for the farmlands of the municipalities of San Miguel, Ubay and Trinidad which has more or less 3,605 farmers tilling over 5,300 hectares of land.

Hopefully, through the dam, the farmer’s living standards will be uplifted and the economic growth in the 2nd District of Bohol will be enhanced.

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Construction of the dam went under so much controversy over its funding yet now that it is standing and complete, it has become a favorite hideaway of picnickers from the local vicinity and neighboring towns.

From our barrio alone in Talibon, the Bayongan Dam is often a chosen destination during outings or group tours.

The Bayongan Dam is a prominent hydroelectric dam located in the municipality of San Miguel, in the province of Bohol, Philippines. The dam was constructed in the 1980s and is owned and operated by the National Power Corporation (NPC).

The primary purpose of the Bayongan Dam is to generate electricity for the province of Bohol. The dam's construction was a significant milestone for the region, as it provided a stable source of electricity that was not previously available. The hydroelectric plant generates a maximum capacity of 4.8 megawatts of power, which is distributed to various areas in Bohol.

Aside from providing electricity to the province, the Bayongan Dam is also used for irrigation purposes. The dam's reservoir can hold up to 9.5 million cubic meters of water, which is used to irrigate nearby agricultural lands, particularly rice paddies.


this photo and succeeding ones courtesy of Ragde Starr

In terms of tourism potential, the Bayongan Dam is a popular attraction in San Miguel, Bohol. Visitors can enjoy scenic views of the dam and the surrounding landscape. The dam's reservoir is also a popular spot for fishing and boating activities. The dam's location within the natural environment makes it an excellent destination for nature enthusiasts.

Furthermore, the NPC has developed a recreational area near the dam, which features picnic tables, playgrounds, and other amenities for visitors. The area is open to the public and provides a relaxing atmosphere for families and individuals looking for a peaceful getaway.


with an island in the center of the reservoir....nice if we could go across....

vegetation below the dike....

And the town of San Miguel is earning from these visitors. The Local Government Unit of the town has put up a post at the junction where one enters the road that leads to the dam and collects an entrance fee of P10. However, there are other roads leading to the dam that are still open to the public. The LGU has to cordon or set up posts at these locations to control entry and maximize income for the town.


looks so deeep.....

Desired water elevation for the dam is 52 meters with an estimated impounded water volume of 34.6-million cubic meters. This elevation was reached during the past rainy season; however, at the time of our visit on August 29, 2009, the water level was way below the chute where excess water was to flow out. This may be due to the dry spell that the area is experiencing.


ooops!.....where's the water!?!

It is said that Bayongan Dam relies upon excess water flowing from the Malinao Dam in Pilar but from what I read in the news, the Malinao Dam cannot even service its own fields at this time due to the dry spell which is also aggravated by the practice of unequal distribution of water and its wasteful use by the farmers themselves.


don't worry....there's still plenty for the ricefields!

When and if ever the Bayongan Dam will regain its desired water level, there is still work to be done in the service areas. Ditches are still in the process of construction to allow water to flow efficiently to these areas. Leveling of land is also called for in some.

Thus, the farmers and the government should work hand in hand to finish these projects in time to be able to irrigate these targeted areas, increase production and achieve their dream of being the rice basket of Central Visayas. God loves communal work! He will take care of the rain!


the marker's with transient statues....

Meanwhile, let the LGU think up of ways to earn additional income from the dam. The place is well visited. It is beautiful! A good view, tranquil surroundings and a cool breeze are factors which visitors seek for peace of mind and a change from humdrum living. And sunsets there are magnificent!


the markers up close...

On Thursday, March 1, 2018, San Miguel Municipal Mayor Nunita M. Pinat, Municipal officials, and members of the Sanguniang Bayan visited the National Irrigation Administration Region 7 Regional Manager Modesto G. Membreve to formally discuss the proposed San Miguel Agri-Eco Cultural Tourism Development Project that will boost the tourism and economy of San Miguel Bohol.  


“We have already started doing activities along the vicinity of Bayongan Dam that will surely attract tourists such as rodeo and horse show, dragon Boat contest, bamboo rafting competition, and kite show.” added Mayor Pinat.

Under the proposed project, the activities that will serve as tourist attractions includes Cobra watching, Fishing, boating, kayaking, and swimming on the proposed swimming pool that will be constructed on the periphery of the dam.


well...there can be more beautiful shots than this.. only we have to leave early

Maybe with native cottages, boating and fishing activities, foreigners will be attracted to stay longer. San Miguel may not know it….they have now a jewel in their midst!

Bayongan Dam as per the NIA’s records is considered as the 3rd largest dam in the Philippines. Its water level supply has the capacity to irrigate its service areas for the entire year even without rain.  

The said Agro-Eco tourism program seeks to attract both local and foreign tourists due to Bayongan Dam’s natural and majestic view. It is expected to attract more tourists all over the world to visit the Province of Bohol.


The construction of the Bayongan Dam was a massive undertaking that took several years to complete. The project was a joint venture between the Philippine government and the Japanese government, which provided funding and technical assistance. The dam was completed in 1986 and began operations soon after.

The Bayongan Dam is a concrete gravity dam, which means that it is constructed from concrete and relies on its weight to resist the force of water. The dam's height is approximately 52 meters, and it spans across the Bayongan River, creating a reservoir that is 2.8 kilometers long.

Aside from its functional purposes, the Bayongan Dam also has environmental benefits. The dam's reservoir provides a habitat for various aquatic species, including fish and turtles. The reservoir also helps regulate the flow of water in the Bayongan River, preventing flooding downstream.

The NPC has implemented several measures to ensure the safety and reliability of the Bayongan Dam. The dam is equipped with monitoring systems that constantly monitor the water levels and other parameters. The NPC also conducts regular inspections and maintenance activities to ensure the dam's structural integrity and safety.

In recent years, the Bayongan Dam has become a popular destination for ecotourism activities. Visitors can go on guided tours of the dam and the hydroelectric plant, where they can learn about the dam's history, operation, and environmental benefits. The recreational area near the dam also offers a variety of activities, such as hiking, birdwatching, and nature photography.

Overall, the Bayongan Dam is an essential infrastructure project that provides electricity and irrigation to the region while also benefiting the environment. Its picturesque location and recreational facilities make it a popular tourist destination, offering visitors a unique glimpse into the history and culture of the region.

In summary, the Bayongan Dam in San Miguel, Bohol, is a significant source of electricity and irrigation for the region. Its picturesque location and recreational facilities make it a popular tourist destination in the province, attracting visitors who enjoy fishing, boating, and nature activities.

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