Expreince San Miguel Town

by George T. Tiogangco
(San Miguel Bohol)



We have our Airlines ticketing office and a UNIVERSAL ACCESS TRAVEL N TOUR Located in the Town of San Miguel near in the right side front of the Public Market.The time we had our local tourist. I Introduce to them to try visit our Bayongan Dam to experience on each purposes they will meet the site .They start viewing and smelling the fresh air of it. After then we took them to the cave to experience another type kind of adventure. We called the Cave "Langgam Cave" this cave has a water falls inside, Then transfer to the over looking place called "Masanao Hilltop and restaurant" to refresh their selves and full their thirst,relaxing,observing the over view visual site of Talibon and Bien Unido Bohol.
After we finish our Tour Package Business with them. We took them to the airport for their flight in going home. I don't expect that after 3days Their are another Guest calling at my phone for booking and one of their itinerary is our Langgam cave and the Bayongan dam and they ask if theirs another place to go here in San Miguel because the other guest told them what they had experience the time they came down here. they said they enjoy the outdoor enthusiast of nature and a very nice place peace and quite place to stay for vacation.

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